Faculty and Staff Guide

Our faculty and staff guide is intended to assist instructors and staff members in understanding disabilities and in creating inclusive environments. The guide includes information on:

The University's disability policies along with rights and responsibilities can be found on the disability policy pages, prepared by Lynnett Van Slyke, Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance.


Any communication regarding the student's accommodation or specific disability is confidential. Please use discretion in your personal interactions with students and staff, as well as in any communications regarding a student's disability status. Take care to protect any print or electronic disability-related records in your possession.

Student accommodation information should only be shared on a need-to-know basis. For example, if a student requires extended time on a quiz proctored by your TA staff, you can share information with your TA at that time.

University Faculty and Staff Seeking Workplace Accommodations

The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for its employees with disabilities. Staff seeking disability accommodations in the workplace should visit the University's disability website or contact Lynnett van Slyke, Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance, for more information.