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Teaching Students with Disabilities

Access coordinators at Disability Resources are your partners in making the necessary accommodation arrangements for students with disabilities. These accommodations are intended to afford equal access to academic content and equal opportunity to demonstrate mastery through use of assessment adjustments. Disability Resources follows the applicable federal and state laws and utilizes nationally recognized best practices when evaluating requests for accommodations. An access coordinator would be happy to consult with you at any time. Contact us at or (585) 276-5075.

Faculty Disability Guide

Our faculty disability guide guide is intended to assist faculty and instructors in understanding disabilities and in creating an inclusive classroom environment. The guide includes information on:


Any communication regarding the student's accommodation or specific disability is confidential. Please use discretion in your personal interactions with students and staff, as well as in any communications regarding your student's disability details. Take care to protect any print or electronic disability-related records in your possession.

Students with Accommodations

Each semester, the Office of Disability Resources will send an individualized Faculty Notification Letter via university email which lists the student's requested accommodations. The Notification Letter will include the DR Faculty Portal link to our student management system where instructors can view a listing of all students registered in their course who have requested accommodations, and directions on completing an Exam Agreement. Please remember to close out your browser after using the DR Faculty Portal.

Students with disability accommodations are encouraged to meet with you within the first few weeks of the semester to discuss any academic needs. If a student requests disability-related assistance but you have not received this email, it is appropriate to ask the student to register with our office.

Disability Resources cautions instructors against making independent disability accommodation decisions, as this may put you, the student, and the university in jeopardy. Recommended reading on the unintended consequences of these actions are succinctly outlined here: “When Faculty are TOO Accommodating” by Jane E. Jarrow, Phd.

The University's commitment and responsibility to our students’ equal opportunity and fair treatment can be found on the University disability website, prepared by Lynnett Van Slyke, disability compliance director.


If you have questions or concerns about any of the information listed here, please contact one of our staff.