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Current Students


Current students are encouraged to meet with an access coordinator early in the semester to become acquainted and talk about classroom accommodations. However, requests to discuss accommodations are welcome at any time. To schedule an appointment, visit our office in Taylor Hall or complete an application form and our staff will arrange a meeting with the appropriate access coordinator. Students may wish to submit professionally prepared documentation in advance. However, students need not have documentation in hand to consult with an access coordinator. 


Supporting documentation regarding the existence and the nature of a student's disability is generally considered private. Accordingly, without written consent from the student, information contained in the disability file is kept confidential to the maximum extent possible. Disability-related information will also be kept separate from the student's academic record.

Access to a student's disability file is limited to the local access coordinator, the University disability resource coordinator, and other University officials who require access to the information to perform their professional responsibilities, or who need access to protect the health or safety of the student or others.

All records received will be destroyed seven years after last enrollment term.