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Incoming Students

Student Health Program

The Student Health Program for full-time students has two parts:

Mandatory Health Fee

The mandatory health fee, which is paid by all full-time students through their tuition billing statement, covers the cost of visits with physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses at the University Health Service (UHS), short-term psychotherapy at the University Counseling Center (UCC), health education services, and public health/disease prevention programs. The cost of the mandatory health fee is $564 per year for 2016-2017. Each year the fees are posted on the UHS website.

Health Insurance

In addition to the mandatory health fee, all full-time students must have health insurance. Students can enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance plan offered through the University Health Service or remain on their own health insurance. Each year, all full-time students must complete the online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Process before the start of classes to indicate their health insurance coverage. The link to this online process is in the pink Quick Links box on the UHS website. Health insurance generally covers the cost of services such as hospitalization, surgical procedures, and diagnostic laboratory tests and x-rays; the mandatory health fee does not cover these services. The benefits covered by health insurance will vary depending on the student’s insurance plan. The cost of the health insurance offered through the University Health Service is $2,460 per year for 2016-2017. Students who choose to remain on their own insurance plan can waive this portion of the fee if their insurance plan meets University standards. (The health insurance fee increase is usually within 10% each year.)

Insurance Options for Married Students: Due to the high cost of health care, it is recommended that students have health insurance coverage for their families who are with them in Rochester. Students who enroll in the University-sponsored insurance can also enroll their spouse and dependent children. Spouses who enroll in the insurance plan must also pay the mandatory health fee, which covers their visits to the University Health Service and the University Counseling Center. The cost for the spouse is the same as the cost for the students, $2,460 per year for 2016-2017. In 2016-2017, the cost for one child is $2,460 and two or more children is $4,920. Students with children may want to check Healthy New York, a program available for residents of New York State who meet eligibility criteria. For information about Health New York, check

All non-immigrant international students and their families who are in the United States with them must comply with immigration requirements and University policies governing health insurance.

Further information about the University Health Service and health insurance for students is available on the University Health Service website.