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University Insurance Criteria

To be eligible for waiver of the University-sponsored insurance, the student’s health insurance plan must meet the following minimum standards.

  1. Must cover a minimum of $500,000 in medical benefits due to illness, accident, or injury per plan year.
  2. Must have a deductible of $5,000 US or less per covered person per plan year. (Note: Plans without a deductible meet this requirement.)
  3. Must cover prescription medications to a minimum of $100,000 US per plan year.
  4. Must cover all pre-existing health conditions without restrictions.
  5. Must cover mental health conditions at the same level as other medical conditions.
  6. Must cover care related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  7. Must cover injuries related to intercollegiate athletics and recreational activities.
  8. Must cover care for self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide, and suicide.
  9. Must cover healthcare (non-emergency) in the Rochester, New York region.
  10. Must be in force for the duration of the academic year, or through the end of the month in which graduation occurs or the student’s academic program ends.
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