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Eastman Well-Being

The Health Promotion Office supports the unique needs of the undergraduate and graduate students on the Eastman School of Music campus. We provide customized well-being programs for Eastman students on topics such as hearing conservation, practice room warm-ups, as well as yoga and meditation for musicians. This web page serves as a resource hub for all wellness events, programs, and services which support Eastman student well-being.

Hearing Health

As musicians, students are frequently subjected to loud sound for an extended period of time. We promote active and safe hearing health practices, including:

Hearing Screenings

There are recurring and free hearing screenings for ESM community members (students, faculty, and staff). Appointments take 10-15 minutes, are confidential, and results are shared immediately afterward. Upcoming dates to be announced.


High-fidelity earplugs are available to all Eastman students, free of cost.  Regular use of high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music may protect you from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sounds throughout your life (Etymotic Research).  Stop by the Office of Student Life for your free set!

Keys to Healthy Music Class

Keys to Healthy Music is a class offered through the Arts Leadership Program at the Eastman School of Music to help students assess their own physical well- being and implement life-long performance enhancement strategies. Based on research from the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) , students are offered current guidelines for optimal recovery from performance- related musculoskeletal disorders, effective practice without overuse, and enriching the physical experience of music making. Essential concepts of Hearing Conservation, Posture, Movement, and Ergonomics are covered and applied to practice habits. Students also explore physiological quieting and arousal with applications to performance anxiety.

The course is offered in the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. With questions, contact Sue Callan-Harris.

Mindfulness for Musicians

Mental well-being is a key ingredient to success in and out of the practice room. Learn how to harness mindfulness practices through our various programs, including:

  • Koru learn-to-meditate classes
  • Yoga for Musicians
  • Wellness at Eastman Presentation Series

Performance Injury and Physical Fitness

As a musician, students are playing their instruments for upwards of 4 hours a day at time. Avoid common performance injuries by taking the necessary precautions with our programs.

Physical Therapy (PT)

PT services are available at both the UHS River Campus Office and the Eastman School of Music Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year. Services include one-on-one evaluations and treatment sessions with physical therapists experienced in the management of orthopedic conditions, performance related musculoskeletal disorders, hypermobility, concussion, TMJ injuries and pain conditions. Our PTs provide assessment of the nature of the injury, manual therapies, modalities, postural and ergonomic assessments, as well as exercise prescription for recovery and prevention of injury. Through the process of recovery from an injury, students learn self-care and performance enhancement strategies to reduce the risk of reinjury.

The UR Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna) provides coverage for physical therapy with a $10 co-payment at the time of visit. If your health insurance doers not cover these charges, you will be financially responsible. Call UHS at (585) 275-2662 to make an appointment.

Ergonomic Lending Library

Shoulder and chin rests, woodwind straps, physical therapy tools like stress bands, etc. are available to borrow from our library of ergonomic devices. Talk to the Physical Therapy staff or your studio teacher about borrowing an item.

Wellness Events at Eastman

PAWS for Stress Relief

Come pet the pups! Paws for Stress Relief brings therapy dogs to campus for students to spend some time with. This monthly program occurs on Thursdays from 6–7:15 p.m. at Eastman School of Music. The Health Promotion Office also provides educational information, fun activities, and stress-relief giveaways such as lavender sachets or stress balls.

Wellness at Eastman Speaker Series

This monthly speaker series educates performing artists about ways to protect and promote their health and well-being. Presentations are recorded and the library of topics is available here.

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