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Student resting their head and sleeping behind a stack of books on a desk

Are you sleepy all day but then can’t shut your brain off at night? Need caffeine to stay awake in class? Feeling irritable, stressed, and can’t concentrate?

Many students struggle to get a good night’s sleep, which can lead to decreased focus, memory impairment, and increased stress. In fact, about 25% of Rochester students report their academic performance was adversely affected by sleep in the last 12 months.

Time to start catching those Zzzzs at night and turning them into As in the classroom! We offer two programs to help get you on the right track.

Zzzzs to As Online Sleep Challenge

Our online program provides students with practical tips and strategies to calm the mind for a better night’s sleep. The 21-day challenge includes:

  • An online presentation covering the science and physiology of sleep, as well as sleep challenges common to college students.
  • Informational emails about sleep & diet, caffeine & alcohol consumption, technology use, and environmental factors that disrupt sleep.
  • Relaxation and mindfulness training.
  • Simple & practical tips.
  • Sleep logs and other helpful tracking tools.
  • Free nap kit & sleep makeover assessment with one of our Peer Health Advocates.


Registration for this online program is open all year and students can begin any time. To sign up, visit our registration page. Upon registration you will receive an email to complete a sleep questionnaire. After that, participants will benefit from motivational quick tips (sent approximately every three days) and educational emails (sent once per week).

Nap Map

Napping during the day will elevate your mood and give you more energy to conquer the rest of your day. Also, napping will vastly help you consolidate newly learned information. Without critical period of REM sleep in the minutes to hours after a learning experience, no significant consolidation of that information can occur.

Think you don’t have time to nap? Well, if you spend 20 minutes or more walking to Starbucks and waiting for your drink, couldn’t you just find a cozy spot to take a nap instead? Check out our favorite napping spots on campus and then design your perfect nap. (Check out the Nap Map to download a PDF of it!)

Nap Map with various places on campus to nap.

Other Sleep Resources

Download the RISE App – the first energy management app that helps improve sleep and energy to help people reach their potential!

Discover the Power of Meditation

Sleep Apps

Flu.xDecrease blue light on your computer!

Create the Best Environment for Sleep

An Overall Sleep Guide

Healthy Sleep Habits

Streaming Calculator — calculate how much time you have spent binge-watching Netflix, which could impact your sleep quality!

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