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Surveys and Data

The ongoing utilization of survey, assessment, and evaluation data is a critical component in determining the success of the Health Promotion Office. Below is a listing of the tools used:

National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

Hosted by the American College Health Association, the NCHA is a nationally recognized research survey that provides data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. The survey also includes several embedded established scales including the Connor-Davidson Resiliency Scale, the Kessler 6 screening for serious mental illness, the Suicide Behaviors Questionnaire – Revised, among others. This survey is offered to a random selection of full-time undergraduate and graduate students every other spring semester.

UHS Consumer Attitudes Survey

The Consumer Attitudes Survey gathers information about students’ knowledge and perception of UHS Primary Care, the University Counseling Center, and the Health Promotion Office. It also assesses students’ interest and needs to assist with the development of future programs and services. This survey is offered to a random selection of full-time undergraduate and graduate students every other fall semester.

Programmatic Evaluations

Program evaluations are utilized to assess the success of the health education programs, prevention services, and health promotion interventions offered by the Health Promotion Office. Typical evaluations assess participant gains in knowledge, development of skills, increases in motivation, and overall satisfaction.

Qualitative Data

There are times when it is important to gain a deeper understanding of student experiences and opinions on a specific topic area or within a specific student population. When this occurs, the HPO conducts peer-led focus groups or community talking sessions. These sessions are led by our team of Peer Health Advocates or members of the University of Rochester Student Health Advisory Committee (URSHAC) and are held on an ad hoc basis throughout the academic year.


Surveying Students

If you are a student who would like to conduct a health or well-being focused survey, we can help! You will be connected to a survey sponsor from the Health Promotion Office who will assist you with the review and approval of the survey questions, creating the survey introduction, and managing the survey data. See our resource guide for more information on this process.

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