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Supportive Environments

The well-being of a student does not exist in isolation. There is an undeniable link between campus environments and the students who live in them. The spaces where a student sleeps, eats, learns, and connects all influence their capacity to flourish. Therefore, we must consider how we can create campus environments that support students, rather than ones which create barriers to and hinder their well-being.

An ongoing and systematic assessment of the campus viewed through the lens of health promotion is an important component in the creation of supportive environments. The Health Promotion Office will focus on six primary environments, assessing ways in which we have the capacity to infuse well-being into them via our programs, services, or other interventions.

Living Environment

Residential buildings, dining halls & athletic centers

Natural Environment

Outdoor spaces & connection to nature

Learning Environment

Classrooms & other academic spaces

Economic Environment

Affordable health care services, connections to support for basic needs, & promoting and supporting the food pantry

Cultural Environment

Welcoming diversity in all UHS spaces

Social Environment

Spaces where students can connect & opportunities for the student voice to be heard

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