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University Health Service (UHS)

UHS Health Promotion Office


The UHS Health Promotion Office inspires UR students to LIVE, GROW, and THRIVE on campus! Our team provides a variety health education and wellness programs throughout the year.

We focus on the topics that are most meaningful to our student body: alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, healthcare IQ, relationships and sex, physical activity, and mental wellness. In addition, we collaborate with the campus community and support a variety of student-led health promotion initiatives throughout each academic year.

The UHS Health Promotion Office is located on the second floor of the UHS Building (Rooms 225, 227, and 228) on the River Campus. The Health Promotion Office is open weekdays throughout the year.

Programs & Services for Students:

Opportunities to get involved

Opportunities include joining the UR Student Health Advisory Committee (URSHAC), enrolling in the Peer Health Advocacy course, joining the Peer Health Advocate Team, collaborating with UHS Health Promotion Office staff members on a specific project, co-sponsoring programs and events with the UHS Health Promotion Office, and working as a student staff member in the office. For more information, click here.