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Study Zone

Location and Hours

The Study Zone is located in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) in the Dewey 1-160 suite. For the Spring 2021 semester, participants will be asked to enter through the CETL side door entrance which can be found by going past the vending machines, through the door to the hallway leading to the Debate Club space, and taking an immediate left into the CETL suite:
This is a map of how to enter the SZ for the Fall 2020.

Participants will then be asked to check in to the SZ Check-in room (Dewey 1-160N) where they will be either assigned a study space or directed to the space they have reserved.

Image of the desks and chairs in the SZ Check-in room (Dewey 1-160N)    Seats 2 and 3 in Study Room A (Dewey 1-160A)

Seat 3 in Study Room B (Dewey 1-160B)    The Study Zone main room (Dewey 1-160D)

Seats 4 and 5 in the SZ main room (Dewey 1-160D)    The SZ Check-out room (Dewey 1-160DD)

Then students will proceed down the one-way hallway to their study location.  When they are done studying, they will check out in the SZ Check-out room and exit into the Dewey tunnel hallway:
This is a map on how the SZ participants will enter and use the CETL space for Fall 2020.

A PDF version of these maps can be found here for easy access. Maps and signs are posed in and around the CETL space so participants can follow the social-distancing and safety guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at    

The Study Zone will open to enrollees for the Spring 2021 semester starting Sunday, February 7th. Please note that the hours may change based on participant feedback, changing health conditions, and program structure. The Study Zone operates during both fall and spring semesters and closes during the summer.  

Study Zone Spring 2021 hours - Sunday through Thursday 2pm to 9pm, Friday 2pm to 7 pm.
Sunday2pm - 9pm
Monday2pm - 9pm
Tuesday2pm - 9pm
Wednesday2pm - 9pm
Thursday2pm - 9pm
Friday2pm - 7pm
Saturday Closed

Please note the Study Zone will continue for normal operations through Sunday, May 9th, which includes remaining open on March 3rd and 30th break days. The Study Zone will then be closed for the semester starting on the first day of finals, Monday, May 10, 2021.