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Educational Effectiveness Assessment Committee

The University Committee for Educational Effectiveness Assessment (UCEEA) helps provide support and guidance for course effectiveness assessment efforts. Learn more about the committee’s mission, and find committee contacts below.

Mission and work

The UCEEA actively works to develop and maintain sustainable processes of student learning assessment within each school, as well as use assessment findings to improve current teaching and programs.

As a University-wide committee, this group devises and supports linkages between assessment activities across the University. Although each school differs in its educational activities and goals, similarities are identified and built upon when possible.

The committee also serves as a sounding board for assessment best practices and new strategies. To facilitate these activities, members of the UCEEA remain up-to-date on current learning assessment approaches through conference attendance and familiarity with the literature on student learning assessment.

Find your contact

John Hain

Eastman School of Music

Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs / Director of Assessment

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