PumpPrimer I Guidelines

Printable Guidelines [pdf]


PumpPrimer I support is available for large-scale initiatives that will lead to institutional and/or multi-investigator research projects and subsequently to extramural grant submissions that require resources for planning and collaboration purposes.

Expressions of interest should include:

  • Anticipated funding mechanism, and due date, if known—i.e., program announcement and link.
  • List of investigators and institutions involved.
  • Brief description of research ideas—1 page maximum.


All tenure-track faculty are eligible.


The Dean’s office is poised to assist at any time; expressions of interest are welcome by email and will be discussed with faculty on an ongoing basis.


Up to $5,000 for planning purposes.


Funds may not be used for faculty salary.

Application Process:

Interested faculty should contact their respective assistant dean of grants & contracts by email with a copy to David Williams, david.williams@rochester.edu.
  Arts and Sciences - Debra Haring, debra.haring@rochester.edu
  Engineering - Cindy Gary, cindy.gary@rochester.edu

For an appointment to discuss your project with Dean David Williams please contact Melissa Napolitano at melissa.napolitano@rochester.edu.