PumpPrimer II Guidelines

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PumpPrimer II support is specifically to help fund pilot research. Successful applications must make a compelling argument that the research direction is truly innovative; applicants must have a strong track record of research productivity, and provide evidence that no alternative funds are available for the project. Applications for PumpPrimer funds that merely supplement or extend an ongoing research program are not eligible.


All tenure track faculty are eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate a strong record of productivity. Junior faculty who have start-up funding remaining and/or have not yet completed their first term of appointment are not eligible to apply for PumpPrimer II funding.


Funds may not be used for faculty salary. Travel will not be allowed unless research must be conducted offsite.


Budget requests should be in the range of $1-20K; exceptional cases for up to $50,000 will be considered. PumpPrimer funds may not be requested for faculty salary or travel, other than travel for the research purposes essential to the project.


A review committee of relevant AS&E faculty will make funding recommendations to the Dean’s Office for final approval.


Via the application website using PumpPrimer II application form(s).

Submission Deadline:

July 1, 2016

Required Materials:

Prepare the following PumpPrimer II proposal items and upload to the application website at www.rochester.edu/fort/pumpprimer/.


Please direct any questions to your respective AS&E assistant dean: 
  Arts and Sciences - Debra Haring, debra.haring@rochester.edu
  Engineering - Cindy Gary, cindy.gary@rochester.edu