Previous PumpPrimer II Recipients

NameTitle of ProjectDate Awarded
Jaime Cardenas3D Waveguide TIRF for Single Bacteria Resolution Imaging of Thick Bioengineered BiofilmsDecember 2019
Alison FrontierStudy of a Photochemical Rearrangement for the Synthesis of Bioactive MoleculeDecember 2019
Dragony FuDeciphering the Biological Rols for RNA Modification in NeurodevelopmentDecember 2019
Greg HeyworthTeaching a Renaissance Curriculum: Plautus's Fabulae and Textual Science at Milan's Bibloteca AmbrosianaDecember 2019
Zeljko IgnjatovicChaotic Annealer: Harvesting Chaos to Solve Combinatorial and NP-Complete ProblemsDecember 2019
Todd KraussAdvanced Chemistry via Quantum ElectrodynamicsDecember 2019
Michael NeidigIron-Alkylidenes for Olefin MetathesisDecember 2019
Lawrence RothenbergScholarly Discrimination?December 2019
Alexander ShestopalovPhotochemical Doping of Si(100) via Pulsed Photon Energy TransferDecember 2019
Mark BuckleyRecurring Rupture and Repair as a Potential Mechanism of Osteoarthritis ProgressionMay 2019
Thomas HahnMiddle English Text Series: New Directions in Digital EditionsMay 2019
Michael WelteDevelopmental regulation by lipid dropletsMay 2019
Peter ChristensenArchitectural BiometricsJanuary 2019
Ignacio FrancoToward an Experimental Simulator of Quantum Molecular DynamicsJanuary 2019
Matthew YatesFunctional Polymers to Enhance the Selectivity and Sensitivity of Optical SensorsJanuary 2019
Andrew BergerHolographic dark-field imagingMay 2018
Gregory HeyworthRecovering Gaius's "Institutes" and the Earliest Latin "Elements" of Euclid: First Steps Toward an Institute of Textual Science in Northern ItalyMay 2018
Andrew JordanHigh precision gravitational sensing and imaging using optical sensingMay 2018
Mitchell AnthamattenHighly Stable and Robust Ion-Conducting ABA Triblock CopolymersDecember 2017
John CovachPop Music Corpus StudyDecember 2017
Kara BrenBiomolecular Catalysts for Ammonia Production from Nitrogen OxidesDecember 2017
Todd KraussChemical Energy Storage via Artificial Photosynthesis with Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum DotsDecember 2017
Jannick RollandSingle-shot, adaptive metrology of freeform optics using a spatial light modulatorDecember 2017
Miguel AlonsoCompact tailored shearing interferometers based on spin-orbit couplingJuly 2017
Margarita GuilloryDigitizing Rochester ReligionsJuly 2017
Ronald RoggeThe Mindflex Assessment ProjectJuly 2017
Mark BockoDevelopment of a quantitative framework for spatial sound characterizationJuly 2017
Jaeger, Florian (Tim)Assessing and developing web-based pronunciation training for second language learnersSeptember 2016
Lerner, AmyCorneal Biomechanics and Optics: Model Refinement and Validation for Translational ApplicationsSeptember 2016
Lin, QiangUndefined Lithium niobate nanophotonics for ultra-high-speed beam ranging, wavefront engineering, and photonic signal processingSeptember 2016
McGrath, JamesDesalinization with Ultrathin Nafion MembranesSeptember 2016
Presgraves, DavenEvolution of sex chromosome regulation in the Drosophila male germlineSeptember 2016
Zavislan, JamesSecond-Generation Multimodal Ocular Surface MetrologySeptember 2016
Helmke, GretchenIn The FieldApril 2016
Kessler, JohnCharacterizing Methane Dynamics in Lake OntarioApril 2016
Sia, ElaineMitochondrial Dynamics and Genome InheritanceApril 2016
Sobolewski, RomanTime-resolved terahertz imaging of novel materials and nanocompositesMay 2016
Werren, JackIdentifying small molecule activators of the sorbitol pathway-relevance toMay 2016
Bigelow, NicholasInterdisciplinary NanoTechnique Development for Science and HumanitiesNovember 2015
Bren, KaraEngineered Biomolecular CO2 Reduction CatalystsNovember 2015
Krauss, ToddA Novel, Non-Classical Light Source: Syntheses and Characterization of Optically Active Defects in GlassNovember 2015
Lin, QiangUltrasensitive Silicon Carbide Nano-optomechanical Inertial Sensors for Harsh Environment ApplicationsNovember 2015
McCamant, DavidUltrafast Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Exciton DynamicsNovember 2015
Welte, MichaelThe Role of Lipid-droplet Bound Histones in Drosophila Innate ImmunityNovember 2015
Wicks, GaryMid-infared Semiconductor Lasers: Defects and PerformanceNovember 2015
Zhang, Xi ChengTerahertz Air Photonics using Ultrafast Laser OscillatorsNovember 2015
Jarvis, MichaelVirtual St. George's: Digital History Simulations and 3D Modeling in the HumanitiesJuly 2015
Mc Aleavey, SteveTowards Diagnostic Ultrasonic Imaging of Tissue Non-Linearity: Strain Dependence of Shear Wave Velocity in Liver and Breast TissueJuly 2015
Rolland-Thompson, JannickTranslation of the Tear Film Imager to Clinical StudiesJuly 2015
Shestopalov, AlexMonomolecular organic layer deposition via carbenylation of hard and soft material interfacesJuly 2015
Smetana, JudithEmergence of Moral and Conventional Understanding in ToddlersJuly 2015
Tadin, DujeVisual processing in Autism Spectrum DisordersJuly 2015
Guo, ChunleiSuperwicking Materials for Efficient M-cycle Cooling TechnologyAugust 2014
Jaenike, JohnThe Genomic Basis of Nematode Resistance Conferred by Endosymbiotic SpiroplasmaAugust 2014
Peppermint, CaryEdible EcologiesAugust 2014
Rothberg, LewisAbsorption Spectra of Single NanoparticlesAugust 2014
Weix, DanielTeaching an Old Dot New Tricks: Photoredox Catalysis with Quantum DotsAugust 2014
Anthamatten, MitchTwo-way Shape ActuatorsApril 2014
Bernard, JoanneRe-envisioning Japan as Destination in 20th Century Visual and Material CultureApril 2014
Culver, GloriaExploring the interface of bacterial ribosome biogenesis and pathogenicityApril 2014
Doyley, MarvinUltrasound CTApril 2014
Huang, MichaelExploring the interface of bacterial ribosome biogenesis and pathogenicityApril 2014
Ignjatovic, ZeljkoUltrasound CTApril 2014
Jacobs, RobertVisual, Haptic, and Visual-Haptic Object PerceptionApril 2014
Mahon, BradVisual, Haptic, and Visual-Haptic Object PerceptionApril 2014
Smith, BrianExploring the interface of bacterial ribosome biogenesis and pathogenicityApril 2014
Bi, XinFunctions of Linker Histone in Gene Regulation and DNA ReplicationAugust 2013
Carney, LaurelDevelopment & Feasibility Testing of a Speech Enhancement AlgorithmAugust 2013
Dalecki, DianeEngineering Lymphatic Vessel NetworksAugust 2013
Fry, JamesThe Genetic Battle of the Sexes in DrosophilaAugust 2013
Saab, JoanAnimating Architectural ArchivesAugust 2013