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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1940-1949

1949CURTIS, Edward PeckDoctor of Laws
1949FAILLS, GioacchinoDoctor of Science
1949HAMILTON, EdithDoctor of Letters
1949MASSOLENI, EttoreDoctor of Music
1949SAYRE, Francis BowesDoctor of Laws
1949SLICHTER, Sumner HuberDoctor of Laws
1948ALESSANDRO, VictorDoctor of Music
1948BURGESS, Warran RamrolphDoctor of Laws
1948CASE, Everett NeedhamDoctor of Laws
1948DuBois, Eugene FloydDoctor of Science
1948ELIOT, Martha MayDoctor of Humane Letters
1948SCHLESINGER, Aurthur MeierDoctor of Laws
1947MAASS, OttoDoctor of Science
1947McCLINTOCK, BarbaraDoctor of Science
1947MOORE, Douglas StuartDoctor of Music
1947PEARSON, Lester BowlesDoctor of Laws
1947VOEGTLIN, CarlDoctor of Science
1946CUTLER, Elliot CarrDoctor of Science
1946HARRIS, Roy EllsworthDoctor of Music
1946LEWIS, Wilmarth SheldonDoctor of Letters
1946MEITNER, LiseDoctor of Science
1946PRENTIS, Henning Webb Jr.Doctor of Laws
1946RICKEY, BranchDoctor of Laws
1946STEINHAUSEN, Meta BehnDoctor of Humane Letters
1945BOWEN, Catherine DrinkerDoctor of Letters
1945BURRITT, Bailey BartonDoctor of Laws
1945FOLSOM, Marion BayardDoctor of Laws
1945JOHNSON, Alfred LeRoyDoctor of Science
1945MARQUARND, John PhilipsDoctor of Letters
1945MINER, Edward G.Doctor of Laws
1945WOLFERS, ArnoldDoctor of Laws
1944BARKER, Joseph WarrenDoctor of Engineering
1944CORNER, George WashingtonDoctor of Science
1944HOFFMAN, Paul GrayDoctor of Laws
1944PORTER, QuincyDoctor of Music
1943ADAMS, RobertDoctor of Science
1943BAYNE-JONES, StanhopeDoctor of Science
1943DEAN, Vera MichelesDoctor of Humane Letters
1943DeKIEWIET, Cornelis WillemDoctor of Humane Letters
1943FREEMAN, Douglas SouthallDoctor of Letters
1943KAELBER, William G.Master of Humane Letters
1943KENNY, ElizabethDoctor of Science
1942HU, ShihDoctor of Laws
1942HUTCHESON, EmestDoctor of Music
1942LYDENBERG, Harry MillerDoctor of Letters
1942RUSSELL, Fredrick FullerDoctor of Science
1942SKINNER, Cornelia OtisDoctor of Humane Letters
1942WADSWORTH, James WolcottDoctor of Laws
1942WRIGHT, SewallDoctor of Science
1941CARVER, George WashingtonDoctor of Science
1941CHURCHILL, Winston L.S.Doctor of Laws
1941CURIE, EveDoctor of Letters
1941DUBOS, Rene JulesDoctor of Science
1941GANNETT, Mary Thorn LewisDoctor of Humane Letters
1941LONGCOPE, Warfield TheobaldDoctor of Science
1941PATTERSON, Robert PorterDoctor of Laws
1941STOCK, Frederick AugustDoctor of Music
1940BENET, Stephen VincentDoctor of Letters
1940BRECKINRIDGE, MaryDoctor of Laws
1940GASSER, Herbert SpencerDoctor of Science
1940KOUSSEVITSKY, SergeDoctor of Music
1940PROCOPE, HjalmarDoctor of Laws
1940RICHTER, Gisela M.A.Doctor of Fine Arts