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Office of the Provost

Student Learning Assessment

The University of Rochester’s student learning assessment program is school-based and faculty-driven, with central coordination to ensure that the schools’ efforts are supported, documented, and shared University-wide.

Assessment Liaisons appointed by their school deans champion the process, working with faculty to develop methodologies that substantiate outcomes and guide improvement of the teaching and learning environment. Assessment data and curriculum revisions are shared with the Office of the Provost and employed to satisfy regional and specialized accreditation requirements. Faculty members with questions about assessing learning are encouraged to contact their school’s Assessment Liaison.

Student Learning Assessment Liaison Group

Chairman: Logan Hazen,
Provost's Office representative: Alan Czaplicki,
Staff support: Karen Johnson,

Student Learning Assessment Liaisons for 2014-2015

Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Barbara Masi, Director of Education Innovation and Assessment Initiatives

Eastman School of Music
John Hain, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Assessment

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Jim Zavislan, Associate Dean, Education and New Initiatives

Office of Graduate Studies
Margaret Kearney, Vice Provost and University Dean of Graduate Studies

School of Medicine and Dentistry -- Graduate Education
Linda Lipani, Graduate Registrar and Director of Services

School of Medicine and Dentistry -- Medical Education
Christopher Mooney, Director of Assessment

School of Nursing
Bethel Powers, Professor and Director of Evaluation Office and the PhD Program

Simon Business School
Larry Matteson, Executive Professor of Business Administration

Warner School of Education
Logan Hazen, Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Educational Leadership

Annual University Assessment Reports

An executive summary of the 2013-2014 Annual Report on Student Learning Assessment is available below. The full reports are available to the University community upon request. Please contact to optain copies. 

Individual Schools' Assessment Websites