NSF I-Corps Regional Course @ UR

By Ain Center Staff

Are you a researcher in a STEM-related field? Interested in applying your technologies to solve real-world problems? If yes, the upcoming NSF I-Corps Regional Course at the University of Rochester may be just what you need.

NSF I-Corps Regional Courses enable graduate students, doctoral candidates, post-docs, and faculty in STEM-related fields to “get out of the lab” and learn from potential customers; in addition to providing entrepreneurial training, this program helps researchers identify new ways to apply their current or future research to solve real-life challenges.

Regional Courses run for 3.5 weeks (ours will begin on Monday, October 19 and wrap up Wednesday, November11) and include 8 online meetings/training sessions. They are free to participate in and those who complete the training will have the opportunity to be recommended for the NSF I-Corps National Teams program, which offers grant awards of up to $50,000. Previous NSF funding is NOT required to apply.

Interesting in applying? Visit the UNY I-Corps Node website for details. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Matthew Spielmann.