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Current Students

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Communication Access

The University is committed to ensuring that all events and activities are accessible to members of the University community and visitors. 

Requests Made Directly by Students

If you are a student who would like to attend a department-sponsored event or student activity, please contact the organizer or Student Activities Office directly to alert them of your communication access requirements.

If you are a student in AS&E requesting an ASL interpreter or CART for a registered course-related event/activity occurring outside of regular classroom hours (i.e., meetings, speaking engagements, etc.) assigned per your syllabi, please submit the ASL/CART Request form.

Requests Made By Departments & Event Organizers

When an attendee indicates that American Sign Language interpretation or CART is needed to participate in your event, it is strongly recommended that event organizers contact Interpretek (for ASL) or White Coat Captioning (for CART).

Include event details and/or PDF of posters, webpage or social media invite links, as well as any materials that can be shared with the assigned interpreters in advance (such as the speaker's slides) in order to prepare for the topic.

ASL Requests: Interpretek Rochester

In the event that Interpretek may not be able to fulfill the request, contact URMC Interpreter Services.

CART Requests: White Coat Captioning

The sponsoring entity is responsible for ensuring equal access and opportunity to participate in events convened at the University of Rochester. Academic departments sponsoring an event will need to create an account for invoicing with Interpretek Rochester or White Coat Captioning. 


Please contact the Office of Disability Resources at 585-276-5075 or email