Applying Extended Time Accommodations to Gradescope Assessments

To create a time limit extension for a student in Gradescope:

  1. First set a maximum time permitted value when creating the online assignment (or edit your current online assignment to have a maximum time permitted value).
    Screenshot of Gradescope assignment settings

  2. You may set a course-level extension or an assignment-level extension for specific students on your roster. If a student has both a course-level and assignment-level extension set, the assignment-level will override the course-level extension.

    Course level:
    Screenshot of Gradescope Course-Level Extension

    Assignment level:
    Screenshot of Gradescope Assignment Level Extension

When the respective student starts their timed online assignment, they'll see the extended time limit rather than the default one.

Please note that extensions currently only apply to timed online assignments. However, Gradescope is working on extensions for due dates (for both online and PDF-based Gradescope assignments) as well.

For more information, visit Gradescope's webpage on remote assessments. Contact with questions.