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Read our Carpool Guidelines [pdf]

With gas prices continuing their steady upward climb, many faculty, staff and students are looking for ways to cut their commute costs. Car pooling may be the answer for many, and the Parking Office recently revised its car pool policies to make it more convenient, while continuing to offer significant discounts on parking fees. In addition, an affiliation with a Rideshare web service provides a quick way to link faculty, staff and students with others who live nearby and would like to car pool to the Medical Center.

To take advantage of car pool savings, all participating members must have a registered vehicle and works similar hours. In addition to using less gas, you'll also benefit from substantially reduced parking rates. The amount of savings – which ranges from 50 percent off annual parking rates to no charge for parking at all – depends on the number of people car pooling. General information is below:

More specific details on car pool guidelines are available by calling 275-4524.

Website Links Riders

With one click on the Rideshare button (above), you can access a list of riders looking to car pool organized by town, along with hours and days worked. An email address is provided if you'd like more information. You also can submit your own listing. Already, nearly 60 faculty and staff have posted listings.