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Data Governance Mission and Goals

Data governance is a critical part of ensuring data integrity, security, and accuracy at Rochester. By governing data, we can ensure that there are consistent and secure definitions, exchanges, and measurement of data—all of which help answer key questions and inform decision-making.

Our mission and vision

Our vision is that institutional data are securely accessible, understood, and trusted and is used in a consistent, responsible, and meaningful manner in order to increase interoperability, ensure reliability, and inform decision making in our community.

To that end, the University’s Chief Data Officer works with the Chief Information Officer and the Data Governance Council to carry out the University’s data governance mission.

Our objectives include:

  • Creating a “common data culture” with cross-institutional understandings of the meanings and uses of key data elements.
  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders in establishing data policies and practices.
  • Enabling increased data interoperability by establishing standards for all data uses including common data definitions and data quality best practices.
  • Establishing consistent criteria for appropriate access and security of data across the institution and supporting enforcement of relevant rules and policies.
  • Enhancing data-driven decision-making through improved access to well-documented data elements allowing better local decision-making and planning.

If you work with data, or simply care about data, and have ideas or feedback to share regarding data definitions and processes at the University, we encourage you to contact our office.

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