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Our Mission

Transforming Education by Leveraging Digital Technologies

How we accomplish this

  • Conduct and disseminate research to illuminate and expand valuable uses of technology in education
  • Support educational innovations that take full advantage of digital technologies
  • Serve as a catalyst for networking and collaboration on digitally-rich education
  • Provide educators with high-quality learning opportunities to capitalize on digital technologies

Supporting Your Work. Helping You Succeed.

Whether you are working in K-12 schools, higher education, or any other educational and training contexts, our mission is to enable YOU to harness the power of digital technologies to increase access and enhance learning opportunities.

  • Services

    Benefit from the expertise and networks of LiDA center staff to get the specialized support you need or help you connect with potential partners.

  • Programs

    Learn about available digital technologies from the most fundamental to research-informed advanced best practices.

  • Shared Resources

    Leverage the combined expertise of the LiDA Community by accessing information about their work and insights – and consider contributing your own.

Educators Served by the Numbers

  • 34

    earned an Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching

  • 212

    took the introductory course in Online Teaching & Learning

  • 60

    took the introductory course in K-12 Digitally-Rich Teaching & Learning

  • 290

    attended a UR workshop on online teaching

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LiDA Announcements

PD for K-12 teacher on “Leveraging online technologies for remote teaching”:  The LiDA Center has designed a fully-online 2-day equivalent professional development to enable K-12 teacher to better leverage online learning during emergency remote instruction.   A total of over 150 teachers already participated in this PD and the LiDA Center welcomes the opportunity to repeat these experiences with any interested district.  For more information, contact Dave Miller at dmiller@warner.rochester.edu.

New LiDA eModule about “High Leverage Teaching Practices for Remote Teaching: Check out this new resource created to help instructors improve on and leverage a few online teaching practices that can make a difference when teaching remotely any subject or age group. (https://www.rochester.edu/warner/lida/programs/e-modules/high-leverage-teaching-practices-for-remote-teaching/)

Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES received a NYS Learning Technology grant to serve 31 school districts. The grant will focus on increasing access and support to secondary students taking online courses, as well as increasing teacher awareness of the potential of blended teaching to enhance students’ learning opportunities in traditional classrooms through a 4-hour workshop open to the public (see Events). The LiDA Center will collaborate in the design and development of key professional development offerings.

Stay in touch with Jayne Lammers’ LiDA Adventure in Indonesia

LiDA Events

No events are currently scheduled. Please check back at another time.

Examples of How the LiDA Center is Helping Educators Harness the Power of Digital Technologies

NSF Grant to Prepare Teacher Leaders

A partnership between six local districts and the Warner School has secured $3M from the National Science Foundation to prepare a cadre of 20 “digitally-rich STEM master teachers” that will act as catalysts and supporters of digitally-rich innovations in their district.

Introducing the K-12 Digital Consortium and its Website

A number of school districts and local BOCES in the region, in collaboration with the LiDA Center, have come together to collaborate and learn from each other as they tackle the challenge of leveraging digital technology to transform teaching practices in their schools. The LiDA Center is “incubating” this emerging organization.

Fredericksen Leads Online Learning Consortium

As the 2019 president of the Online Learning Consortium, LiDA Center Associate Director Eric Fredericksen has had a unique opportunity to leverage and inform the most organizations on online education in the country.

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