For Higher Education

In addition to specific Programs that higher education instructors and academic leaders can pursue at the Warner School, the LiDA Center can help higher education institutions achieve their goals for improving the effectiveness of online and technology-enhanced learning in a number of different ways.

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Take advantage of the following services:

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Supporting the design and delivery of quality professional development for faculty
Consultations for launching specific online programs or initiatives
Rigorous evaluations of online programs and initiatives
Connecting faculty and academic leaders across "like" institutions
Sharing research results and lessons learned from our own experiences

LiDA Center – Higher Education Experience

Here is some evidence for the expertise we may provide, based on the extensive experience of our staff in higher education:

  • The LiDA Center Director and Associate Directors led the successful launch of online offerings at the Warner School – as documented in the chapter “From 0 to 60: The Case Study of a School of Education’s Successful ‘Online Start-Up’”
  • Eric Fredericksen has published extensively on leadership in online higher education
  • Raffaella Borasi and Dave Miller have designed a very effective semester-long course to enable participants to design and facilitate online modules, while also helping them clarify the “kind of online teacher they aspire to be” and its implications – as documented in a recent doctoral dissertation (Hafsa, 2019).
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