LiDA Center Staff

For more information about personal interests and profile for each director and graduate assistant, also see their entry as part of the LiDA Community.


Raffaella Borasi – Executive Director

Frederica Warner Professor, Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

Borasi’s expertise in mathematics education, teacher education, innovation and entrepreneurship in education, together with her executive experience as the former dean of the Warner School, are informing her new role as director of the LiDA Center. In addition to overseeing the Center’s operations, Dr. Borasi is also overseeing initiatives related to professional learning and is directly involved in supporting Warner’s online initiative, the incubation of the K-12 Digital Consortium, services supporting researchers, and directs the program preparing “digitally-rich” health professions educators. She also teaches core courses in Warner programs preparing online and digitally-rich teaching, and is a co-principal investigator in the two current Noyce grants funded by the National Science Foundation to support the preparation of digitally-rich STEM teachers and teacher leaders.


Eric Fredericksen – Associate Director for Higher Education

Clinical Associate Professor at the Warner School of Education, and Associate Vice-President for Online Learning. University of Rochester

Dr. Fredericksen is a pioneer in online education.  He has published extensively on a variety of topics related to online teaching and learning in higher education, and he is nationally recognized for this work – as reflected in his current appointment as President of the Board of Directors for the Online Learning Consortium.  In his role as Associate Vice-President for Online Learning for the entire University of Rochester, Dr. Fredericksen provides leadership for all online learning initiatives at our institution.  In his role as LiDA Associate Director, Dr. Fredericksen oversees initiatives related to Learning in the Digital Age as it takes place in higher education.  He also directs the Warner’s programs preparing online teachers, and teaches core courses in that program as well as programs preparing health professions educators and higher education leaders.


Jayne Lammers – Associate Director for Informal Settings

Associate Professor, Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

Dr. Lammers is a nationally recognized scholar about adolescents’ digital literacy practices “in the wild”, and she has published numerous articles as well as given keynote addresses on this topic. Most recently she has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Scholars Grant to extend the scope of her research to include the digital literacy practices of youth in Indonesia.  Dr. Lammers is also developing a reputation as an expert on methodological issues related to conducting research in online spaces.  She teaches courses – both face-to-face and online – on topics related to Learning in the Digital Age at Warner.  In her role as Associate Director, Dr. Lammers oversees initiatives related to digitally-rich learning as it takes place outside of formal education and programs, and is also in charge of graduate students activities within the LiDA Center.


Dave Miller – Associate Director for K-12 Education

Clinical Associate Professor, Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

Dr. Miller has a unique background that straddles both business and education, with experiences cross-industry as well as in K-12 and higher education.  He has extensive experience in learning management and content development, as well as in organizing and directing high-impact, multi-year projects – including three past SBIR projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  He has designed and taught both online and face-to-face graduate and undergraduate courses in education and business, including Warner’s introductory hybrid-online courses in the preparation of online and digitally-rich teachers respectively, and also supported several Warner faculty in their online teaching. Dr. Miller is also an instructor and a member of the curriculum development team in the NSF-funded iCorps program, which supports scientists interested in creating start-ups – especially involving new technologies and their applications.  In his role as Associate Director, Dr. Miller oversees initiatives that focus on K-12 education, including most notably the K-12 Digital Consortium, as well as services for start-up and ed tech companies.


Zenon Borys – Assistant Director

Clinical Instructor, Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

A former secondary mathematics teacher with a dual degree in mathematics and engineering, now completing his doctoral dissertation at Warner, Mr. Borys has joined the LiDA team in 2020 as its first Assistant Director. In this role, he will support all general Center operations as well as participate in specific funded projects – which at the moment include the Noyce projects preparing digitally-rich novice and master STEM teachers, and the NSF-funded Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier planning grant.


Yu Jung Han – 2020 LiDA Fellow

Doctoral student, Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

She is a recipient of  2020 LiDA fellowship to support the LiDA Center’s and the K-12 Digital Consortium’s website development, as well as the LiDA Series’ organization, in addition to providing support to specific initiatives. She has designed and taught online courses at Warner after completing our Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching.