For Researchers

The LiDA Center welcomes the opportunity to support researchers working on projects related to Learning in the Digital Age topics. Check out the different ways in which we can do so.

professor and student working on digital model of archaeology site

Take advantage of the following opportunities:

Contact Dr. Raffaella Borasi for more information

Contact Dr. Borasi
Participate in networking events
Disseminate your research by posting on this website
Participate in dialogue about specific topics
Partner with LiDA Center staff on specific projects and/or grant proposals
Leverage the LiDA Center’s network to connect you with other researchers with similar interests and complementary expertise
Leverage the LiDA Center’s connections with K-12 schools to facilitate the recruitment of participants and/or partners
Connect with doctoral students interested in research apprenticeships or research sites for their dissertation study
Discuss your ideas with LiDA staff as “thinking partners”

LiDA Center – Research Expertise

Here is some evidence for the expertise we may provide in support to other researchers and their projects:

  • Director Raffaella Borasi has a track record of grant awards from a variety of funding agencies, and even more importantly extensive experience in supporting other faculty and students in securing grant.
  • Associate Director Jayne Lammers has published on research methods to study online spaces, and ethical issues related to this type of research.
  • Director Raffaella Borasi is leading an emerging collaboration between computer science and education faculty at the University of Rochester.
two people working to transcribe scans of historical documents