Critical to the LiDA Center’s mission is supporting individuals and organizations in leveraging technology to increase access and enhance learning opportunities for the people they serve. Learn more about how we can help you pursue your own vision and mission related to technology integration – in addition to offering specific programs to meet your learning needs.

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For K-12 Schools

Are you developing a long-term instructional technology strategy in your district or school? Want to offer effective professional development around digitally-rich instruction? Are there digitally-rich instructional innovations you would like to pilot but need someone to lead the charge? We can help!

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For Higher Education

Need help preparing your faculty to teach online? Need support as you get ready to launch new online offerings in your institution? Want to benefit from best practices and lessons learned from other institutions who have successful online programs? Click here!

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For Researchers

Looking for university and/or K-12 partners for a specific LiDA project?  Are you considering to apply for grants to pursue specific digitally-rich educational initiatives?  Looking for opportunities to network and share your work?  We can be a thinking partner!

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For Ed Tech & Start-Ups

Want to know what research and best practices can inform your next product? Are you seeking university and/or K-12 partners for specific projects?  Need support as you prepare an SBIR grant application?  We can help!

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For Warner Students

Want to learn more about the implications of digital technologies for education? Interested in gaining skills to conduct research in online spaces?  Looking for opportunities for research apprenticeships in projects involving technology applications for education?  Check out the special opportunities available to Warner students.

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For UR Faculty

Need help in designing specific online courses? Looking for ways to leverage technology in your face-to-face courses?  Interested in pioneering technology-rich innovations that can move the field forward?  Check out the special opportunities available to UR faculty.