For Warner Students

All Warner students are encouraged to consider the Programs offered by the LiDA Center to gain valuable skills related to online and digitally-rich teaching, or learn more about specific aspects of Learning in the Digital Age.

Learn more about opportunities specific to Fall 2019

In addition, the LiDA Center offers the following on-going servicesopportunities for Warner students interested in LiDA-related research – ranging from very minimal to more intensive levels of commitment.

professor working with students in classroom

Take advantage of the following services:

Contact Dr. Raffaella Borasi to schedule an appointment

Contact Dr. Borasi
Attend the LiDA Colloquium Series sessions to learn
Contribute to the LiDA annotated bibliography on Zotero
Participate in LiDA’s social events to network
Find opportunities for LiDA-related research apprenticeships and dissertations
Gain experience teaching online courses at Warner

Check out how some Warner Students have taken advantage of these opportunities:

  • Ph.D. graduate Farzana Hafsa’s dissertation involved the case study of participants in one of Warner’s innovative courses to prepare online teachers
  • Ph.D. student Natalia P. is conducting her research apprenticeship on the impact of digital literacy (or lack of) on access to health care with Gloria Jacobs’ research group in Portland State University – a connection that was made possible through the LiDA Center
  • Several Warner students have gained valuable experience with teaching online as adjunct instructors in Warner courses they helped to transform into an online format as their project in EDE486: Designing Online Courses