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UR Sophomores

Major Declaration

How to Declare a Major in the Hajim School

  1. Make an appointment with your assigned departmental faculty adviser. Take the blue concentration form to your meeting with the adviser.
  2. Complete a curriculum planning form that you will receive from your adviser.
  3. Complete part B: "Primary Writing Requirement".
  4. Then complete part C: "Rochester Curriculum Registration", following the guidelines on the back of the form. See How To Declare Clusters for more details. Note that students who complete one of the professionally accredited Engineering concentrations (BME, CHE, ECE, ME) need to complete a cluster in only one of the other two divisions.
  5. Leave both forms with your adviser or with the departmental administrator.
  6. You will be notified when you are admitted to the concentration.

If you have further questions about declaring your major and clusters, please check with:

The College Center for Advising Services

312 Lattimore Hall
(585) 275-2354