How Do I Cancel My Permit?

If cancelling your permit, return your permit and/or key card/AVI tag to the Parking Management Center.

I Need To Use An Alternative Vehicle or Rental Car

If you need to use an alternate vehicle or a rental vehicle for a short time, complete our online form or call the Parking Management Center at 585.275.4524 to provide the vehicle information (plate number, color, make, model, and location) to avoid a citation.

If a second or third vehicle is driven on a regular basis, an alternate vehicle permit may be purchased per vehicle with the exception of River Campus resident students. Only one vehicle may park on University property at a time.

Business permits must be accompanied by another paid University parking permit and are valid for a maximum of three hours per day. At the Medical Center, business permits may be used in the College Town Garage, MRB (Lot 8), Lot 3, or in designated “Business” parking spaces on River Campus.

My Parking Lot is Full

Employees must park in their assigned lot from 6am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If the Medical Center lot to which you are assigned is full, click on the link below for lot availability and parking overflow in real time.

Parking Availability

When Can I Park in the Hospital Garage?

The following are authorized situations for employees to park in the Hospital garage. In all situations there must be a valid paid Medical Center parking OR Highland Hospital permit displayed on the vehicle:

  • Vehicles with Hospital garage permits
  • Vehicles with CBP permits (Community Based Physician)
  • Vehicles with Trustee, Board or Red University Administration permits
  • Vehicles that are on the Long Term or Short Term list and are authorized for the Hospital garage on the Enforcement list

Employees that are at the hospital or Medical Center as a patient or visitor:

  • Must call the parking office to be placed on the Enforcement list to avoid a citation
  • Required to pay visitor parking fees (take ticket on entry into garage)
  • May purchase parking pass or validation ticket for these situations (cannot be used to park in garage if working)
  • Cannot park in Hospital garage to attend meetings or training sessions
  • Must have a valid parking permit
  • Any employee on weekends and University holidays at no charge with a valid permit.

What If My Vehicle Breaks Down?

If your vehicle breaks down, it must be reported to Transportation and Parking Management (585.275.4524). The vehicle must be in a regular parking space or towed immediately. After hours call Public Safety at x5-3333 or leave your car information, location, name and a phone number at which you can be reached on phone mail. Leaving a note on the vehicle is not sufficient. The inoperable vehicle must be removed from the University property within 24 hours.

Emergency Assistance

Pick up a Blue Light phone or Call Public Safety at 275.3333 or #413 from your cell phone.