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Incoming Students

Supporting Documentation Guidance

Upon disclosing the existence of a disability, students will be asked to forward supporting documentation to the local access coordinator. Supporting documentation must be provided by a qualified professional who is licensed or otherwise properly credentialed in the domain for which he/she is diagnosing. Documentation completed by family members, regardless of qualifications, will not be accepted.

Detailed university-wide guidelines for documenting a disability, procedures, and policies are found on the University's disability website.

Submitting Documentation

Prospective students are encouraged to speak with an access coordinator to describe their accommodation needs and to inquire about Disability Resources services and procedures. Upon accepting an offer to attend the University of Rochester, students who wish to receive classroom accommodations should send their documentation to our office for review.

Please submit documentation of a disability to:

Disability Resources
University of Rochester
Taylor Hall
P.O. Box 270195
Rochester, NY 14627
Fax: (585) 276-2805

Appealing Accommodation Decisions

The University provides both informal and formal processes to appeal accommodation decisions. Students are encouraged to first pursue an informal resolution with their access coordinator. However, the informal process need not be pursued prior to filing a formal grievance. Information about grievance procedures can be found on the University's disability policy page.