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Incoming Students

Parent and Family Transition Tips

Every family’s journey to this point is as unique as each student, and parents deserve respect for their years of advocacy in support of their child prior to the start of college. We acknowledge that this time is a transition for parents, too, as your role shifts from being an advocate to becoming a cheerleader.

Your role might have changed, but your involvement and guidance remains important. A parent's active support can be a welcome influence in a student's successful transition to the post-secondary environment.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Parents' role for college transition and beyond:

  • Allow yourself time to learn the best ways of being involved and when it's appropriate to step aside
  • Make a plan to keep in touch; agree on method and frequency
  • Guide, rather than pressure and direct
  • Give unconditional support and encouragement
  • Encourage your student to be proactive
  • Discuss the importance of self-advocacy
  • Allow your student to make his/her own decisions and take responsibility for those decisions
  • Encourage active participation in clubs or volunteer organizations
  • Remind your student of available resources at Rochester
  • Congratulate your student on successes

Parents of admitted students should watch for an invitation to our session "Moving from Advocacy to Support: Your New Role as the Parent of a College Student with a Disability" during the Parent Orientation Program.

Nationally known disability consultant, Jane Jarrow, PhD, published “An Open Letter to Parents of Students With Disabilities About to Enter College” that many find comforting as they develop a new relationship with their adult, college-aged child. It is worth reading and sharing.