Aziz, Caz

  • Classroom Support Technician

Clayton, Alan

  • Audio Visual Level 3 Lead Installer

Everdyke, Katie

  • Event Support Technician

Fenstermaker, Tyler

  • Lead Audio Visual Integrator

Fortner, Bridgette

  • Event Support Supervisor

Hoffman, Robert

  • Technical Analyst

March, Christopher

  • Computer Analyst
Michael Maskalans

Maskalans, Michael

  • Public Computing Manager
Patrick Meagher

Meagher, Patrick

  • Senior Technology Analyst

Phillips, Randy

  • Event Support Technician
Jon Powers

Powers, Jon

  • Assistant Director, Event Planning and Technology

Reese, Matthew

  • Technical Event Coordinator

Reuther, Bill

  • Audio Visual Project Manager

Rovet, Christine

  • Executive Director
Lynn Stork

Stork, Lynn

  • EMS Software Manager

Tunay, Aylin

  • Associate Director, Events and Conferences

Valentine, Julie

  • Help Desk and Student Staff Supervisor

VerSchneider, Chris

  • Facility Technical Director

White, Sue

  • Staff Accountant

Wright, Peter

  • Technical Event Coordinator