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Now that ECM will be installing AirMedia in more rooms, including classrooms, lecture halls and event spaces, we thought this would be a good time to explain to everyone what AirMedia is, how it works, and how you can connect to the systems as easily as possible.

First, AirMedia is a wireless presentation system, it sends audio and video from your device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.) to a wireless receiver. So, if you’re doing a presentation in a room that is equipped with AirMedia, you don’t need to connect your device using a cable. Yes, there is a slight loss of video quality in exchange for convenience, so if your presentation has very high resolution video or something with a very high frame rate, AirMedia may not be the way to go. In most cases, however, it is not likely that you will notice a difference. Second, you can connect to Air Media from any laptop or PC running Windows or MacOS, or any mobile device running iOS or Android.

Mobile apps can be downloaded at the links below.

Desktop apps can be downloaded from the link below.

The advantage of using the desktop apps is you don’t have to download the app each time you connect.

The other way to connect using a laptop is to open a web browser and type in the IP address of the system you want to connect to (you’ll see this on the screen in the room when you select “AirMedia” as the source), which will then download the app, so you save a step by downloading it in advance. If there are rooms that you present in frequently, you can save those rooms as favorites in the mobile app so you don’t have to type in the IP address each time. You just select the room from your list of favorites and tap to connect. Once you connect, you’ll be prompted for a four digit code, which you’ll also see on the screen. This is to make sure you’re connecting to the correct system (imagine a scenario where you connected to a system once before and are now presenting in another nearby room, without the verification code you may send your presentation to the wrong room accidentally.)

If you would like additional training using AirMedia, please fill out our Request Training form and we’ll reach out to you within one business day.