AirMedia is technology that allows you to wirelessly connect your laptop, tablet, or phone to a room’s AV system, allowing you to present sound and video without the need for cables and adapters.

To set it up, all you have to do is download the app on your device of choice:

When you select “AirMedia” on the Crestron panel, two numbers will appear in the corners at the top of the screen; the hostname, or IP address, will be in the top left, and the Access code will be in the top right. Enter the two codes when prompted, and your device will automatically begin streaming.

During your presentation, the small AirMedia window will allow you manage your device behavior while streaming.

  • Play/Pause: Toggle whether your device will display or not. Your device will remain connected even if streaming is paused.
  • Stop: This will disconnect your computer from the system entirely, requiring you to enter another access code to reconnect. Use this when you are done with your presentation.
  • Mute/Unmute: Mutes and unmutes your device’s audio.

The Details dropdown will allow you to control specific aspects of your presentation, including choosing which display to stream from if you are using multiple displays, though this usually won’t be necessary for most presentations.


While this will almost always be more convenient than using installed cables, there are a couple of things to consider when looking at presenting using AirMedia.

  • The wireless connection will reduce the framerate of anything being presented, making videos and other fast moving images appear choppy.
  • Currently, the Android app does not support audio streaming. If that’s a requirement, use a different device or the installed cabling.

Rooms Equipped with AirMedia

CSB 209Harkness 115
CSB 601Harkness 210
Dewey 2-110DHubbell Auditorium
Dewey 2-110ELattimore 201
Gavett 206Lower Strong Auditorium
Gavett 208Meliora 352
Gavett 301Meliora 474
Goergen 101Rush Rhees G108
Goergen 109Wilson Commons - May Room

We hope AirMedia will be a benefit to your classroom environment as we continue to implement it in rooms across the River Campus!