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Computing Facilities

The links below are for Rochester staff, faculty and instructors who are looking to book a non-course related event, like a conference, panel discussion, or guest speaker.

Staff, faculty and instructors should contact the Office of the Registrar to book course-related activities like review sessions, common exams, additional classes, and recitations.

Student organizations should contact Wilson Commons Student Activities Office to book a classroom for an event.

Registrar Computer Classrooms

Computer LabCapacityComputer Types
Gavett 20845Windows
Gavett 24450Mac 
Goergen 10224Windows 
Harkness 11430Windows 
Hylan 30315Windows 
Hylan 30715Windows 
Meliora 21028Windows 
Rush Rhees G10816Windows 

Public Computing Locations

For a full list of public computing locations, please see the Public Computing page. There you will find links to locations, maps, have access to see what computers are available in the public locations, and other useful computing information.