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Accounts - NetID

For further assistance:

Contact your desktop support specialist
Help Desk: 585-275-2000
Email: University IT Help

NetID - Your netID will be up to 8 characters in length, appearing as the first letter of your first name followed by all or part of your last name, and possibility concluding in one or more numbers (e.g. Adam Smith may become "asmith", or "asmithX", where X is a number).

Identity Management - A resource for managing your netID and netID password, view account information and more.

Security Questions - Two question and answer pairs you create in the event you forget your netID. Your security questions allow you to reset your netID password on your own. To update or create your security questions login to myidentity then select "Change Forgotten Password Information".

Forgot NetID Password

  1. Go to MyIdentity
  2. Enter your netID
  3. Select the "Forgot NetID Password" link

Alternative NetID Password Reset Options - Paper-based forms. Password Reset (Supervisor Signature) | Password Reset (Notary Signature)

Forgot NetID

  1. Go to What is my NetID in MyIdentity
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.