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Visitor and Patient Parking

Visitors to River Campus

Visitors to River Campus can purchase one-day permits at the River Campus Information Booth for a fee of $5.00 (after 4:00pm the fee is reduced to $3.00), or they may use the meters along Wilson Blvd. for short term parking.

Parking permits are required on River Campus 7:30am to 7:00pm, except on weekends. Reserved spaces are reserved at all times.

Visitors to Medical Center


Valet Parking - Main Entrance

Valet Parking - Cancer Center

Medical Center Visitor/Patient Parking Brochure

Parking Directions, Parking Maps, Medical Center Ground Floor & 1st Floor Maps

Additional Parking Services & Vehicle Assistance Program (V.A.P.)

Visitor Parking Fees

0-30 minutes FREE
30-60 minutes $3.00
61 minutes-2 hours $5.00
2 hours-24 hours $6.00

Take your parking ticket with you when entering the Medical Center.

Visitors who misplace their parking tickets will be charged
at the maximum rate of $6.

Obtain a day pass at the parking booth exit if you will be returning on the same day. Day pass is
valid for 24 hours from the entry time stamp on receipt.  View locations and hours of operations.

Weekly Pass from 1-7 day parking passes can be purchased for $6 per day.  Pass must be purchased
prior to exiting the visitor parking areas.

30 days passes are available to immediate family members who are visiting an inpatient who has
been admitted at least 30 consecutive days.  A letter from a social worker is required.  Please speak
with a social worker on the unit the patient is located.

Validation tickets may be purchased (minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10) at any of the locations
above.  The cost of a ticket is $4.50 and is good for one exit up to $6.  Tickets do not expire.

Transportation Services to/from Medical Center

  • City Bus Services
    • Regional Transit Service: 585.288.1700
  • Shuttle Service
    • Rochester Shuttle Express: 585.663.3760
  • Special Needs Services
    • Genesee Transportation, Inc: 585.256.1510
    • Handicare Transportation: 585.272.1787
    • Lift Line: 585.426.3520
    • Medical Motor Service: 585.654.7030
    • Metro Transportation: 585.328.8030
    • Monroe: 585.232.9000
    • Rural Metro: 585.546.2525
    • Rochester Medical Transport: 585.288.3444