Shared Resources

Benefit from the distributed expertise of the diverse members of our LiDA community, as they share their work and strategic resources they have found useful.  Also consider contributing to this section by completing the online form here or at the top of each page.

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Learn about projects undertaken by members of our LiDA community to inform your own work and to identify potential collaboration opportunities with like-minded people. Here you can find a list of current and completed projects, along with a brief description, key accomplishments to date, potential for collaboration and links to additional information.

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Our Works

The work of members of our LiDA community has resulted in a variety of “products” we can all benefit from – including traditional publications, podcasts, videos, blogs, instructional materials and more. This section provides information about these products as shared by their author(s) – along with a link to the product itself whenever possible.

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There is so much we can learn from the stories of fellow educators who have engaged in digitally-rich educational initiatives – whether they were successful or not. As a start and as inspiration, we have collected a few short videos of novice online instructors and students reporting on their first online experiences. With your help, we plan to add more stories – both in video and narrative formats – relating to other aspects of Learning in the Digital Age in the near future.

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Internet Resources

The Internet offers a wealth of information related to Learning in the Digital Age – but how do you know what sources are trustworthy and worthwhile? This section offers links to websites, blogs, podcasts and other online resources that members within our LiDA community have identified as especially helpful to their work.

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There are many professional organizations that focus on selected aspects of Learning in the Digital Age, and even more that address LiDA topics within broader educational areas. Belonging to these intellectual and professional communities can help you sustain your work. Here we identifies organizations some members of our LiDA community belong to – also providing some information about conferences, events and journals these organizations may offer.

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Publication Venues

What journals and other venues are available for disseminating research findings and lessons learned on issues related to Learning in the Digital Age? This section shares where members of our LiDA Community have published their work, while also providing links to available information about a more extensive list of journals related to technology and education and their impact factors.

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Curated Resources for Selected Topics

Take advantage of the synthesis and collection of resources prepared by members of our LiDA community for topics they are experts in. For each topic, you will find key insights from research, recommendations for practice, suggestions for further readings, information about related projects undertaken by members of our LiDA community – and more.

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Zotero Bibliographies (Under Development)

Using Zotero, a group of Warner faculty and students are compiling references on a growing number of topics related to Learning in the Digital Age. Once you have downloading the free version of Zotero, you will be able to access all of these references – and also any related text and multimedia available through the UR libraries if you have University of Rochester VPN access.