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Undergraduate Studies

Special Programs

Academic Opportunities for Students

Undergraduates receive extraordinarily strong education in their chosen field. In addition, we also offer many options beyond traditional course work. Below are some opportunities that allow our students to explore their individual interests even further.

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Combined-Admission Professional Degree Programs

Combined-Admission Programs provide special opportunities for students interested in completing both a bachelor's and a master's degree, or two bachelor's degrees.

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David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science and Engineering

The mission of the David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science and Engineering at the University of Rochester is to expand the pool of individuals who pursue undergraduate and graduate careers in the sciences and engineering.

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Fellowships are merit-based awards for further academic study or research disbursed through competitive national application processes. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, scholarly promise, career goals, leadership skills, service to others, character, and sometimes financial need.

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Independent Study

Independent study courses permit qualified students to pursue areas of reading and research not included in regularly offered courses. They are most often on a one-to-one basis with full-time faculty members.

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Individualized Majors and Minors

Create your own educational path with an "autobiographical" degree built on individual and distinctive academic interests.

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Students are permitted to earn academic credit for unpaid internships in the profit and non-profit sectors. Internships for credit combine academic inquiry with direct work experience.

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e5 (formerly known as KEY) Program

Qualified students may propose to devote as much as an entire academic year to internships, special projects, business plan development, research into various facets of entrepreneurship, or analysis of how culture and public policy influence entrepreneurial activity.

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Lessons at Eastman School of Music

University of Rochester’s famous Eastman School of Music is not just for music majors. Any Rochester student may take private instrumental or vocal lessons at Eastman for academic credit (a basic audition to determine placement is required after you enroll).

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McNair Program

The objective of the McNair Program(s) are to increase the numbers of low-income, first-generation and underrepresented minority undergraduates who pursue doctoral degrees and go on to careers in research and teaching at the university level. 

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The University of Rochester is proud to house a Navy ROTC program on campus and to offer Air Force and Army ROTC programs in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Senior Scholars

The Senior Scholar Program gives seniors the opportunity to fully devote their time and effort to a single project to culminate their college experience. You could spend your entire senior year working on a project that will draw on your college experience, University research, and your own interests. 

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Student Funding

We encourage our students to enhance their education by taking advantage of unique academic and professional opportunities. The College is proud to support student attendance and participation in activities that will further their goals, and deepen their impact on campus.

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Study Abroad

Study abroad places you in an intensified learning environment in another country creating a rich context for experiential learning. You'll return well-informed about customs and conditions in other countries, and with a keen understanding of what it means to be American.

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Summer School

Over the summer months, both young people and adults can take advantage of credit or non-credit courses and special programs that explore exciting topics at the University.

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Take 5 Scholars

Take 5 scholars get a fifth year of tuition completely free, during which they can explore another department and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways.

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2+2 Dual Admission Program

The 2+2 Dual Admission program is an innovative way for students to obtain an associate’s degree at Monroe Community College here in Rochester with the guarantee of admission to the University of Rochester (provided certain academic standards are fulfilled) with full junior status. This program is designed for first-time, full-time students who know they want to transfer to the University of Rochester when they first are applying to MCC but who, for various reasons, decide to spend their first two years attaining their associate’s degree.

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3-2 Programs

Earn your undergraduate and master’s degrees in five years through Rochester’s unique 3-2 programs. Your first three years are spent on your undergraduate degree, and the last two will fulfill the master’s requirements. You typically apply as a sophomore, or you might contact the department for other early options.

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Undergraduate Research

Guided by members of the University faculty, students engage in learning through investigative research in any field or discipline.

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Urban Fellows

University of Rochester students work in area community agencies, study urban issues, and meet with local leaders, all in an effort to contribute to the Rochester community.

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