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Gambling Policy

In compliance with state and federal regulations, gambling is illegal and not permitted at the University of Rochester or among its student organizations. The following guidelines ensure compliance with these regulations:

  • Monetary prizes cannot be awarded as the result of participating in a non-raffle event or activity.
  • Students or organizations can charge a one-time entry fee to an event, but additional fees or charges cannot be included as part of an event.
  • Students or organizations cannot bet on, wager on, or sell pools for any athletic event.
  • Neither the University nor an organization sponsoring a poker tournament, casino night, or similar event can receive proceeds from that event.
  • A student organization charging an entry fee for a poker tournament, casino night, or similar event can only hold one such event per semester. These events cannot be held where alcohol is served.

Poker Policy

  • We can have game nights- not poker nights but can play cards
  • No money can change hands.
  • No alcohol can be involved.
  • Organizations can have chips and small prizes for winner(s) but no money can change hands and there should be no monetary benefit for the group running the program.
  • No advertising to the public.

Bingo Policy

  • Bingo events can occur as long as there is no entry fee to play to win
  • Students or organizations cannot charge for Bingo boards