Wilson Commons Student Activities


Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge

Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge, located on the first floor of Wilson Commons, is your place to come and relax, watch some television, play a game of billiards or grab something to eat at Blimpies! Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge is also home to a microwave, a milkshake machine, an Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii, and many board games. Rocky's has you covered with one of three Kwikboost Charging Stations to charge your phone in between classes. The charging station can charge all iPhones, Androids, and older phone models.

Rocky's is your late night hot spot with late night food options through Dining Services and Blimpies as well as a variety of late night programming like trivia nights, karaoke nights, and jam nights. The next time you're in Wilson Commons make sure to stop by and check us out! Be sure to like our Wilson Common Student Activities Facebook Page so that you can be up-to-date on our regular events and promotions.

Renting Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge

Want to rent out Rocky's?

Please read the following Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge Policy before you progress with the reservation process.


Rocky's may be reserved by choosing one of the options:


Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge hours:

Open Close
Monday 11:00 am Midnight
Tuesday 11:00 am Midnight
Wednesday 11:00 am Midnight
Thursday 11:00 am Midnight
Friday 11:00 am Midnight
Saturday 11:00 am Midnight
Sunday 11:00 am Midnight

You may reserve Rocky's during any of these times. If your event goes past the regular open hours the following rates will apply:

Click here to reserve Rocky's


In addition to popcorn and Blimpie's subs that are available in Rocky's you can partner with Dining Services to cater your event. Please click the link below to see the Simple Takeaways Catering Menu with easy and quick food options

Set Up:

Organizations and departments are not allowed to move the furniture. The extent of the set up needs will determine the costs (if applicable).

No Show and Cancellation Fees:

In the event of a cancellation or a no show, the student organization or department will be charged for the reservation in full if not confirmed with the Assistant Director of Wilson Commons. Cancellation must be done within a 24 hour period during regular business hours which are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. For a Saturday or Sunday cancellation, please contact the Assistant Director of Wilson Commons no later than noon on Friday.

Follow Up:

Once the student organization or department has received confirmation of their reservation they are responsible for arriving before the designated start time of the reservation to set-up their event. The Rocky's Sub Shop and Lounge staff will be expecting their arrival. If Dining Services has been requested to cater the event, the food will also arrive at Rocky's.

The student organization or department is responsible for cleanup of food, garbage, and the removal of any decorations (including tape; only Scotch tape can be used to hang up decorations).

If there is any damage to the space, furniture, or excessive cleaning required after the event, the student organization or department will be charged.

For additional information, please contact Eric Howard, Assistant Director of Wilson Commons.