Hartnett Gallery

Named for alumnus John B. Hartnett, this unique gallery space was designed by the renowned architects of I.M. Pei and Associates in 1972. The gallery is open to the public and admission to exhibitions, receptions, and presentations are free.

Call-for-Art Hartnett Gallery 2024-2025.

The Hartnett Gallery is now accepting proposals from individual artists, groups, and curators based in the US that are interested in exhibiting their work during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Hartnett Gallery Objectives

  • Enrich the campus and local community by providing opportunities in the Campus Center to experience diverse expressions of culture through visual art
  • Cultivate skills related to exhibition, curatorial, and preparator practices
  • Facilitate sustainable opportunities for artists/students through the creation, presentation, and understanding of contemporary art via exhibitions and educational programs


Current Exhibit

Time Tripper

Artist: Alice Pixley Young
Dates: Mar 7 - Mar 30
Artist Talk and Reception: March 7, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Alice Pixley Young's 'Time Tripper' invites viewers to embark on a journey through deep time, where shadows cast echoes of primordial landscapes, contemporary realities, and future uncertainty. Yet, the scene she pulls us into is seductive in its dreamlike state and the primal elements of shadows draw viewers in to become complicit actors in her world.

Spring 2024 Event Schedule:

  • Merging Dimensions

    Artists: Anna Reed

    Dates: January 25 - February 19

    Artist Talk and Reception: January 25, 4 - 6 p.m.

  • Elemental

    Artist: Photography Club

    Dates: February 23 - March 1

    Opening Reception: February 29, 4 - 6 p.m.

  • Time Tripper

    Artist: Alice Pixley Young

    Dates: March 7 - 30

    Artist Talk and Reception: March 7, 4 - 6 p.m.

  • Undergraduate Juried Show

    Artist: Various Undergraduate Students

    Dates: April 3 - 12

    Opening Reception: April 4, 4 - 6 p.m.

  • Studio Art Senior Thesis Exhibitions

    Artist: Senior Studio Art Majors

    Dates: April 18 - May 18


Submitting a Proposal

The Hartnett Gallery Advisory Board welcomes proposals for events/performances/exhibitions to be hosted in Hartnett Gallery. Events and performances are encouraged to occur in the space during an exhibition, assuming an exhibition's set up can accommodate your proposal's needs. All events, performances, and exhibitions must be sponsored by a University of Rochester department or student organization. If your department or student organization is interested in hosting an event or exhibition in the Gallery, you can fill out the Hartnett Gallery Proposal Form:  Submit an Exhibition proposal.

Hartnett Gallery Use Information

Hartnett Gallery Floor Plan

Images of the Hartnett Gallery space
Interior glass doors of Hartnett GalleryPicture taken from a corner of an empty Hartnett GalleryEmpty Hartnett gallery take from the entrance platform
Empty Hartnett gallery with entrance on the right and the side door on the leftEmpty Hartnett Gallery from inside the entrance

Installation and De-installation Timetable

  • The dates scheduled for an exhibition need to include time for the installation and the deinstallation of the exhibition.
  • Installation can be expected to take one to three days for less complicated projects. More complicated installations will need to budget more time.
  • At the end of deinstallation Hartnett must be returned to the condition it was in at the beginning of the exhibition period.
  • If works are not conventionally framed or mounted all aspects of their installation must be pre-approved.
  • The Hartnett Advisory Board must give approval prior to installation if any work fits the following criteria:
    • Weighs more than 50 lbs.
    • Has a dimension exceeding 40”
    • Requires any extraordinary management or installation (i.e. suspended from the ceiling)
    • Is to be placed on the balcony

Wall Treatment

  • Exhibitions must request permission to paint the walls from the Hartnett Advisory Board

Important prohibitions

  • The use of double-stick tape or any means of adhesion apart from the use of Quakehold® or GlueDots® (brand specific) is prohibited.
  • No exhibition is allowed to block the entrance to the Gallery or the stairs inside.
  • The floor cannot be painted or altered.
  • Sharpies/permanent markers, ink, watercolor, or stickers are not allowed to be placed directly on Gallery walls.


  • Lighting cannot be adjusted without proper training from the Advisory Committee.

Hours of Operation

For the Harnett Gallery's standard hours, please see Wilson Common's building hours. The standard hours are only during an exhibition. The Gallery is closed when there is no exhibit on display or event scheduled. Hours may change or fluctuate during academic breaks.

Contact Us

For the Hartnett Gallery:  hartnett@mail.rochester.edu

For other inquiries:  wcsa@rochester.edu