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General Information

Is there a calendar available for specific semester dates?
Yes. A calendar with important dates for the academic year can be found at the Office of University Registrar's website. Or, if you would like, you may call the Registrar at (585) 275-8131, to have one mailed to you.
How do I get to Rochester?
Follow these directions to come and visit the University. Once you get here, use these great resources to find information about everything the area has to offer!
There is a family emergency and I need to contact my student as soon as possible, but they are in class. How can they be reached?
When a student must be contacted in the case of a family emergency, you may call the Office of the Dean of Students at (585) 275-4085.
Where can I get my questions answered concerning my student's tuition bill?
Questions concerning a student's tuition, refunds, and/or payments are referred to the Bursar's Office. You may call them directly at (585) 275-3931 or write to them at: Bursar's Office, University of Rochester, Box 270037, Rochester, NY, 14627-0037.
Are you wondering how to add funds to your student’s URos or declining account?
Guest deposit can be used to deposit funds ($20 minimum) into a University of Rochester student’s One Card account. In order to use this system, you will need to know the student’s full name (first and last), exactly as it appears in the system, as well as the student’s University ID number. To access guest deposit, visit the eAccounts site. See Dining Services' FAQ page for more information.
How do I send mail and packages to my student?
All mail and packages addressed to students on campus should follow this format
Student Name
University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14627 



When are final exams?
Look at the Registrar's website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
What services are provided for students who are having academic difficulty?
The causes of disappointing academic performance are diverse, and the sources of help are varied. The best single place for help with an academic concern is the College Center for Advising Services. If help cannot be given directly, the student will be referred to the most appropriate source. The professional advisers are available by phone at (585) 275-2354, by email at, or in person. Walk-in hours are held every day in Lattimore 312, and students may also make appointments to see advisers.
Marcy Kraus, Executive Director of the College Center for Advising Services and Dean of First-Year Students is a great resource for help. She is available by phone, email, and in person.
Faculty advisers are valuable allies to students experiencing difficulties and can provide guidance and support.
The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) can also provide particular help for students who need to improve their time management skills, and offers study groups in many of the introductory courses.
Students with learning or other disabilities will find special help at the Office of Disability Resources.
A variety of tutoring options exist. Learn more about Tutoring and the Tutoring Zone from CETL.
Health issues, both physical and emotional, can also play a significant role. The University Health Service and University Counseling Center (UCC) both have informative websites.
What is the Take Five Scholars program?
The Take Five Scholars program permits selected students to spend a ninth semester or a full fifth year at the University at no additional tuition charge.
How can I learn about the Study Abroad program?
The College provides students with a diverse array of opportunities to study abroad over the summer and during the academic year. Please visit the Center for Education Abroad's website for complete information in the "common questions" section.
The grade report sent to my student contained a grade of "I" (or "N"). What does this mean?
The grades of "I" or "N" are submitted when an instructor is unable, for some reason, to submit a final grade for a student. In this case, they should contact the instructor directly to discuss the matter.
How can my student find out their remaining requirements needed for graduation?
Students are sent a series of degree audits throughout their senior year. Students may make an appointment with an adviser in the College Center for Advising Services to review their requirements at any time during their four years.


Campus Services

What services are available to students with disabilities?
The Center for Excellence in Teaching and learning (CETL) can provide particular help for students who need to improve their time management skills, and also offers study groups in many of the introductory courses. Students with learning or other disabilities will find special help at CETL.
Where do students purchase their course books and school supplies?
Students purchase their books and supplies at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Frederick Douglass Building on the River Campus.
What banking services are on campus?
ATMs are located throughout River Campus. The ATMs are as follows: JPMorgan Chase Bank in Todd Union and Rush Rhees Library Road, and Advantage Federal Credit Union in Wilson Commons. Branches of JPMorgan Chase Bank are located on the River Campus in Todd Union and at the Medical Center. Each provides full service banking. Check cashing is provided for students who have JPMorgan Chase accounts. A branch of Advantage Federal Credit Union is located at the Medical Center. The branch provides full service banking.
What health services are available to my student?
Full-time students participate in the comprehensive, prepaid Student Health Program by paying the mandatory health fee and having health insurance.
I would like to know more about the University's libraries.
In April, 1999, the University of Rochester Libraries acquired its three-millionth book. For information, please visit the Libraries' websites.
What types of clubs and activities are available to my student?
The University of Rochester offers over 200 student organizations including club sports, cultural organizations, and more. They are a great place to develop relationships, sharpen leadership skills, and help make this campus the kind of place that students want to call home.



When is commencement?
Visit the Commencement page for detailed information.

Where can my student order graduation announcements?

Visit the Balfour page for the University of Rochester.



How does my student acquire an email account at the University?
University Information Technology (University IT) provides a number of services to students, with one of them being email. Email accounts for all undergraduates of the College are activated and distributed prior to orientation and remain active until graduation.
Where can my student go for computer support?
Students can call (585) 275-2000, email at, or stop by the University IT Center, which is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and can be found in Rush Rhees Library. The University IT Center is an integrated help desk that is available to assist students.
Should students bring a computer to campus with them?
Students are welcome to bring computers with them to campus. The residential halls are wired with ResNet, or Residential Networking, which allows students to access the Internet directly from the computers in their rooms. There are also computer terminals available around campus for access to email and the Internet if the student does not bring a computer to campus.
Where can students buy computers, software, and computer supplies; or get computer equipment repairs on campus?

UR Tech Store provides for the sale, repair coordination, and distribution of personal computers and related information technologies to the University community. Our mission is to provide acquisition and repair services for recommended technologies to students, faculty, staff, and departments. Students also receive warranty and out-of-warranty service for computer products and installation of computer accessories at the store throughout the year.


Emergency Planning

How has the University planned for any national or other emergencies that might arise?
Any residential campus community maintains a set of "emergency response" plans covering a variety of situations; these plans are constantly reviewed and tested. Our emergency procedures are outlined at


Financial Aid

What is included in "financial aid?"
Financial aid includes funds received by students from a variety of sources (institutional, federal, state, and/or private) to help pay for educational expenses. Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs are all considered financial aid.
How can I learn more about financial aid at Rochester?
Families are encouraged to visit the Financial Assistance Office where they will find more detailed answers to questions regarding financial aid, or call us at (585) 275-3226 or (800) 881-8234. Our front desk staff, as well as our counselors, will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.
What important deadlines should I know about?
Current financial aid recipients who plan to return to the University of Rochester for the upcoming academic year must submit all documents to complete their financial aid files by April 15. This includes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), signed copies of all pages, schedules and W-2 forms of students' and parents' federal income tax returns, and the UR Verification Statement. Please remember that although our office makes every effort to mail application packets to students, students are ultimately responsible to obtain the materials and apply on time.
It is extremely important that students adhere to our April 15 deadline, as students whose files are not complete until after this date are in serious jeopardy of losing aid, and this aid cannot be replaced. As long as the student completes his/her file by April 15, maintains satisfactory progress, enrolls full-time, and has relatively the same family financial situation, he/she should expect a very similar amount of University grant assistance from one year to the next. (Federal and state aid levels may vary according to a student's need and program regulations. The University of Rochester is unable to make up any federal or state aid for which a student is not again eligible from year to year.)
If you or your student should have any questions at all regarding financial aid at the University, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office to speak with a counselor.


Tuition Payments

Where can I find information about payment options, tuition due dates, etc.?

You can find this information by going to the Bursar website.                                                                                                        



Where can I find information about Orientation?
You can find answers to your questions (schedules, lodging, etc.) at the Orientation website.


Registration Concerns

How can I contact the University Registrar?
The Office of the Registrar is located in 127 Lattimore Hall. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. They can be reached by phone at (585) 275-8131; or fax at (585) 275-2190. You can email them at
Who will advise my student with course selection and registration?
Normally, students consult with their faculty adviser, and are also free to see advisers in the College Center for Advising Services. The professional advisers are available by phone at (585) 275-2354, by email at, and in person. Walk-in hours are held every day in Lattimore 312, and students may also make appointments to see advisers.
How do I obtain enrollment verification for my student for health insurance reasons?
You may call the Office of the University Registrar, (585) 275-8131, fax a signed request to (585) 275-2190, or write to Office of University Registrar, University of Rochester, 127 Lattimore Hall, Rochester, NY, 14627.
Is my student registered for this term?
Students can view their course schedules on the web (on student ACCESS) after early registration periods in November and April, prior to the start of each semester and after the drop/add period. If you are unsure about your son or daughter's registration, you may call the Office of University Registrar at (585) 275-8131.
My student is currently studying abroad. How will they register for next semester?
Students who are studying abroad are sent registration materials to their abroad locations. Course schedules and descriptions are also available online. Registrations from abroad may be sent by mail, fax, or email.


Study Abroad

What should parents know about study abroad?
The staff of the Center for Education Abroad is available to answer your questions.



How does my student request a transcript?
Transcripts should be requested from the Registrar's Office. You can visit the transcript page for detailed information.
My student took a summer course at a local college. Where should the transcript be sent?
Official transcripts from other colleges and universities can be sent to the College Center for Advising Services at 312 Lattimore Hall, Rochester, NY, 14627.
What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, is a federal law that requires that a student is informed of the existence and location of their educational records. The law defines the purpose for which the records, and assures a student access to, disclosure of and challenge to the record when warranted. It also assures appropriate disposition of the record when compelling reasons for its retention no longer exist.


I didn't find an answer!

I couldn't find what I was looking for. Now what should I do?
Check out this list of key contacts for parents and families. It will help you locate a specific person or office that will be able to help you further.