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Incoming First-Year Students

Housing Resources and FAQs

as well as dates and times

Housing Assignment

Your housing assignment includes important information on minimum meal plan requirements, requesting a room change, residency requirements, application deadlines, and the freshman community.

Residence Hall Rules

Students should review the resident hall rules for information about the University’s policies on:

  • Pets
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs
  • Weapons, fireworks, and other potentially hazardous items
  • Fire code regulations
  • Behaviors that constitutes a perceived or actual danger or threat to persons or property
  • Damaged, stolen, or lost residence hall property

Important Information for Incoming Students

Residential Life and Fire Safety Guidelines/Checklist

Packing 101

Understanding Lamps

What Not to Bring

Renter's Insurance

Students’ personal property brought to the University is not covered for damage or loss by the University’s insurance. We strongly suggest you review your parents’ homeowner’s insurance to determine what is covered by that policy or can be covered with a rider to that policy. Specifically review the information about theft of property because many policies only cover damage, not loss. We recommend you review Renter's Insurance options and obtain coverage in case your property is damaged or lost.

Microfridge Information and Rental

We use this service.

Housing Services

Students have access to a variety of services while on campus including:

  • Facilities
  • Computer (ResNet) services
  • Television (UR CTV)
  • Phone (ResNet) services
  • Linens
  • Study lamps
  • Laundry
  • Mail
  • Luggage and freight
  • Storage
  • Service desks
  • Cooking
  • Dining plans

See the housing services page for more information. 

Pen Pal Opportunity

Check out this great opportunity for current students who are members of the Inter-Class Living Community. This is a fun way for incoming freshman and transfer students to connect with current students through a pen pal program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page can help answer questions about:

  • Moving in, academic breaks, and hall closings
  • Roommates, housing assignments, and room changes
  • Rooms, halls, furniture, and appliances
  • Visitors
  • About the Office of Residential Life

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