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Office for Residential Life and Housing Services
020 Gates Hall
University of Rochester
P.O. Box 270468
Rochester, New York 14627-0468

(585) 275-3166
Fax: (585) 276-1886


For specific questions about each area, including room info, amenities, and furniture sizes call or email us here:

Area Office

Phone Number & Email

Freshman Quad Residence Halls

(Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy, & Tiernan Halls)

585-275-5685 freshmanquad@reslife.rochester.edu

Susan B. Anthony Halls

(Gannett, Hollister, Morgan, & Gates Wings)

585-275-8764 sba@reslife.rochester.edu

Jackson Court

(Anderson Tower, Wilder Tower, & O’Brien Hall)

585-276-4682 jackson@reslife.rochester.edu

Hill Court

(Chambers, Fairchild, Gale, Kendrick, Munro, & Slater Houses)

585-273-5853 hillcourt@reslife.rochester.edu

Fraternity Quad

(Fraternity Houses, Academic Living Centers, Burton, and Crosby)

585-276-6839 fraternityquad@reslife.rochester.edu

Southside Living Area

(deKiewiet, Valentine Towers, & Maisonettes)

585-276-6839 southside@reslife.rochester.edu

Riverview Apartments

585-276-6839 riverview@reslife.rochester.edu

Brooks Crossing Apartments

585-276-6839 riverview@reslife.rochester.edu

For specific contact information and general questions see our directory pages.