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Upperclassmen Housing

Special Interest Housing


Special interest housing is a living arrangement that consists of floors inside a residential hall and two houses that have developed out of common interests in the student body. These floors and houses perform services to the campus community and the Rochester community at large to promote their interests.

There are seven special interests housing options currently active at Rochester: six floors and two houses

There are several benefits to joining a special interest floor. In joining one of these floors or houses, you join a community from day one. Another benefit is that , you can avoid the housing lottery at the end of the spring semester. Special interest floors and houses have their own housing procedures.


Many special interest floors have their own applications online and provide them at a recruiting function. You should contact each group individually for more information.

You can apply to more than one group. In this case, you go through the interview process with each group and once you accept an offer from one group, your name will be removed from consideration in any other group.


Special interest floor housing costs are the same as living in any residence hall. However, additional costs associated with differing groups may be dependent on the structure of the individual groups. Some floors require members to pay dues either per semester or by the year, while others don’t.

Attending an event and being involved are the best ways to get the answers you're looking for. Make sure to ask.

Special Interest Housing Options

Anime Interest Floor (Anderson 7)

Whether you're already an avid anime/manga fan or just find the genre somewhat interesting, you'll find that the anime interest floor (AIF) has something for you.

Located on the seventh floor of Anderson Tower, AIF houses an ever-expanding manga library, which is open for public perusal 24/7. AIF also holds weekly showings and discussions of anime feature films. On-floor events include activities such as:

  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Anime viewing
  • Make-your-own sushi

Members also receive discounts at local anime retailer Hammergirl Anime.

AIF members bring a diversity of interests to the floor and represent a wide spectrum of academic pursuits. AIF has big plans for the future–join us and help to shape it!

Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Anime Interest Floor Video

Computer Interest Floor (Anderson Hall)

The Computer Interest Floor (CIF) is an entertaining place to spend time, talk, or simply capitalize on the near-constant stream of food. There are always people around, and there is almost always something going on.

Although there is a noticeable focus on computers and technology in the interests of most members, CIF is home to a variety of other interests, including movies, philosophy, archaeology, and psychology. Our members are always interested in discussions on both academic and purely random topics.

We maintain a computer lab in the basement of Anderson Tower and a Linux server for general use and host regular tech seminars on a variety of topics. We hold both coding and entertainment-based events in our lab, but we do more than just computer-based events. We host monthly game nights and have a large board game library, which people are free to check out games from.

CIF is a great place to learn about system administration and open-source software and to socialize in a friendly, active, and spontaneous environment.

Please contact or stop by if you have any questions or would like to apply. Our doors are always open. Even at three in the morning. Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Computer Interest Floor Video (Instrumental Playing in the Background)

Drama House (Fraternity Quad)

Drama House stands on the principles of creativity, artistic collaboration, and gender and sexuality inclusion. Many of its members are dedicated to theater and a broad array of interests including music, film, dance, literature, and fine arts. Drama House hosts events that focus on encouraging a strong campus & local theater community. As a Special Interest Housing area, current Drama House elected board members recruit and run a selection process for students wishing to live in the house. The house cannot be selected during normal housing selection. 

Douglass Leadership House (Fraternity Quad)

Named after Frederick Douglass, the mission of the DLH is to establish an engaging intellectual community where students of all cultural backgrounds can come together and raise awareness of the many facets of the black experience: culture, politics, history, and Diasporic roots.

As a Special Interest Housing area, current DLH elected board members recruit and run a selection process for students wishing to live in the house. The house cannot be selected during normal housing selection. If you are interested in applying, email: Connect with DLH on Instagram @URDouglassLeaders for information on their events.

GreenSpace (Burton Hall )

GreenSpace (GS), located on the first floor of Burton, is the University's first special interest housing opportunity dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle. Students interested in making daily choices with the environment in mind can now interact with and learn from like-minded people regularly.

Our mission is to come together, learn from one another, and do our best to lead lives of environmental consciousness. We are committed to forming a presence on campus that raises awareness and encourages others to make the simple changes that members make each day in order to live as sustainably as possible.

To learn more, check out our website or visit our Facebook page.

GreenSpace Video (Music Plays at the Beginning with Captions)

Music Interest Floor (Wilder Hall)

Founded in 1976, the music interest floor (MIF) is a community of musicians and appreciators living on Wilder nine. You can find us involved in all aspects of music at the University and around campus promoting music-related activities and events.

We have a large practice room equipped with a drum set and a piano, available for individual and group use, in which we also hold events such as jam sessions and open mic nights. We hold a number of musical events on and off campus, too. Past events include:

  • Schoolhouse Rock (a concert to raise money to help provide musical instruments for underprivileged children)
  • Performances at the Rochester Psychiatric Center
  • Bringing performers from the Arc of Monroe to campus

We have a strong sense of community that is fostered by our four communal lounges and regular social events, including everything from dinners to paintball. Send an email to if you have any questions about our floor.

Music Interest Floor Video

Lilac Living Floor (Anderson Hall)

The mission of Lilac Living is to create an open and secure environment for people of all sexual orientation and genders on the University of Rochester campus and in the community at large. The house is named after a color that represents the vivid and loving nature of the LGBTQIA+ community.