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Upperclassmen Housing

Housing Options

Why Should You Live On Campus?


Living on campus gives you easy access to the library, dining halls, classes, computer labs, and other amenities. You don't have to deal with traffic—just roll out of bed and walk to class. You also have access to 24-hour emergency maintenance, security, and residential life staff on call. The University also has its own RTS stop connecting River Campus to the city of Rochester.

Staying Connected

There is a close relationship between involvement in campus activities and on-campus living. Residents living on campus tend to be more satisfied with their university experience and more comfortable in the university environment. They are more likely to become involved in student organizations, develop a social network, and have better overall success as a student compared to those who live off-campus.

Saving Money

The charge for your residence hall room covers rent, high-speed Internet access, cable television, local and on-campus phone, water and heat, staff support, and in-hall programs and activities. If you live off-campus, you may have to add the cost of paying utilities, commuting to and from campus, and buying and/or renting furniture.

Where Should You Live On Campus?

To decide which housing option is best for you, review each upperclassmen housing page to learn what each option has to offer or review our floor plan page