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Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

Edward Peck Curtis Awards for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

The Edward Peck Curtis Awards for graduate student teaching are given to a small number of full-time graduate students who have a role in undergraduate education. Recipients have assisted in undergraduate instruction, and have had significant face-to-face interaction with undergraduates in the classroom or laboratory.

Winners are selected by the vice provost and University dean of graduate studies based on nominations from individual departments or undergraduate student groups.

If you have questions about the award, please contact the Office of Graduate Education


Past recipients

Explore the table below for a full list of previous Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student winners.

Year Recipient Department
2023 Emily Lowman Writing, Speaking and Curriculum
2023 Madeline Ullrich Visual and Cultural Studies
2023 Linh Le Neuroscience
2023 Dillon Ramsey Physics and Astronomy
2023 Ryan Blakeley Musicology
2023 Dehua “Oliver” Sun Political Science
2023 Abhishek Saxena Psychology
2023 Rhianna Gordon History
2023 Steven Philbert Electrical Engineering
2023 Tessa Brunnenmeyer Philosophy
2023 Jeremy Summers Biology
2022 Shoeib Ahmed Chowdhury Mechanical Engineering
2022 Zach Barber Philosophy
2022 Michael Chavrimootoo Computer Science
2022 Dillion Dzikowicz Nursing
2022 Andrew Hahn Electrical Engineering
2022 Marianne Kupin-Lisbin History
2022 Ying Lin Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2022 Kevin Ling Biomedical Engineering
2022 Derek Myler Music Theory
2022 Lynn Sidor Biology
2022 Neal Shah Neuroscience
2021 Ashley Clark Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2021 Kendall DeBoer Art History
2021 Michael Ormsbee Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2021 Alice Wynd History
2020 Brittany Abraham Chemistry
2020 Kelley Annesley Philosophy
2020 Laasya Bangalore Computer Science
2020 Joseph (Tre) Dipassio Electrical Engineering
2020 Jessica Keith Psychology-Clinical
2020 Armen Khederlarian Economics
2020 Carrie Knight History
2020 Emery Longan Biology
2020 Antonio Ladron de Guevara Ruiz Biomedical Engineering
2020 Monique Mendes Neuroscience
2020 Sedigheh Sheykholeslami Poul Mechanical Engineering
2020 Sabya Shivkumar Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2020 Marcie Woehl English
2019 Benjamin Baker Music Theory
2019 Camden Burd Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2019 Madeline Cappelloni Biomedical Engineering
2019 Ashley Conklin Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2019 Elaina McKie Music Theory
2019 Nicholas Morandi Music Composition
2019 Trevor Nelson Musicology
2019 Andrew Read-McFarland Computer Science
2019 Lauren VanGelder Chemistry
2019 Brendan Whitelaw Neuroscience
2018 Myles Boothroyd Music Theory
2018 Kyle Robinson History
2018 Gabrielle Cornish Musicology
2018 Clara Auclair Visual and Cultural Studies
2018 Wednesday Bushong Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2018 Erin Crossen Mathematics
2018 Eric Loy English
2018 James Otis Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2017 Lauren Benoodt, Tyler Couch, Lisa Houston Biochemistry and Biophysics (shared award)
2017 Samuel Bivens Music Theory
2017 Jessica Hogestyn Neuroscience
2017 Abigail Brengle Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2017 James Rankine History
2017 Dev Crasta Psychology
2017 Adam Johnson Biology
2017 Marissa Adams Physics and Astronomy
2017 John Komdat Philosophy
2017 Jake Kallenbach Biomedical Engineering
2016 David Anderson Electrical and Computer Engineering
2016 Yesim Demiroglu Mathematics
2016 Sarah Koopman Brain and Cognitive Science
2016 Alexander Kotelsky Biomedical Engineering
2016 Heather Natola Genetics
2016 Anastasia Nikolis Writing, Speaking and Argument Program
2016 Michael Skarlinski Materials Science
2016 Aleta Steevens Neuroscience
2016 Jonathan Strassfeld History
2016 James Sullivan Music Theory
2015 Stephen Burger Writing and English
2015 Dev Ashish Khaitan Physics
2015 Aaron James College Music (ESM student)
2015 David Slichter Economics
2015 Esteban Buz Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2015 Grayson Sipe Neuroscience
2015 Brian Sheldon Chemistry
2015 Michale Skibo Psychology
2015 Matthew Johnson Biology
2015 Patrick Papadopulos Math
2014 David De Jong and Meredith Martin (shared) Psychology
2014 Sarah Fuchs Sampson ESM and the College Music Department
2014 Nikolaus Wasmoen English
2014 Matt Bayne College Writing Program
2014 Fred Moolekamp Physics
2014 William Spaniel Political Science
2013 Revathi Balasubramanian Neurobiology & Anatomy
2013 Kimberly Manbeck Chemistry
2013 Mark Pecaut Physics
2013 John Portlock History
2013 Hardeep Sidhu College Writing Program
2013 Peter Zogas English
2012 Kyle Biegasiewicz Chemistry
2012 Kevin Dieter Brain and Cognitive Science
2012 Daniel Helm College Writing Program
2012 Bethany Little Physics
2012 Martha Johnson-Olin English
2011 Consuelo Angio History
2011 Shane Fogerty Physics
2011 John Frost Chemistry
2011 Valerie Johnson Writing Program
2011 Gregory Ristow ESM Conducting
2010 Meghan Clark Chemistry
2010 Stanislav Kornienko Economics
2010 Mehdi Manshadi Computer Science
2010 Sarah Marlowe Music Theory
2010 Burke Scarbrough College Writing Program (Warner School)
2010 Alexander Stefaniak Musicology
2010 Kathryn Van Wert College Writing Program (English)
2009 Wesley Asher Chemistry
2009 Michael Callahan Music Theory
2009 Leah Haught English
2009 Cindy Kim Musicology
2009 John Koslovsky Music Theory
2009 Robert Laport Biology
2008 David Auerbach Earth and Environmental Science
2008 Shane Butterfield Writing Program (History student)
2008 Michelle Finn History
2008 Gilbert Kirton English
2008 Rachel Lee Writing Program (English student)
2008 Gerald Manbeck Chemistry
2007 Sarah Bowman Chemistry
2007 Kevin Cryderman English and Writing Program
2007 Ron Friedman Psychology
2007 Daniel McNabney Biology
2007 Craig Nakashian History
2007 Stefanie Vischansky English and Writing Program
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