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Non-Tenured Faculty Teaching Award

G. Graydon Curtis ’58 and Jane W. Curtis Award for Non-Tenured Faculty Teaching

Established in honor of Professor Ralph Helmkamp, Class of 1911, professor of chemistry, this award recognizes teaching excellence by a non-tenured member of the faculty. The award is intended for faculty on the tenure track who have not yet been tenured.

To quote the donor: “Recognizing that many tenured faculty members excel in both teaching and research, it is my expectation that this annual award, directed exclusively to the non-tenured faculty, will encourage both interest and excellence in instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels.”

The faculty recipient is honored with a citation at commencement, and also receives a monetary award.

If you have questions about the award, please contact our office.


Past recipients

Explore the table below for a full list of previous G. Graydon and Jane W. Curtis Award winners.

Year Recipient Department
2023 Matthew Omelsky English
2023 Andrea Pickel Mechanical Engineering
2022 Thomas Weber AS&E – Earth and Environmental Sciences
2022 Stephen Wu AS&E – Electrical and Computer Engineering
2021 Elen Matson Chemistry
2021 Tricia Shalka Educational Leadership (Warner)
2020 Llerena Searle Anthropology
2020 Brianna Theobald History
2019 Ignacio Franco Chemistry
2019 Andrew White Chemical Engineering
2018 Wyatt Tenhaeff Chemical Engineering
2018 Chigusa Kurumada Brain & Cognitive Sciences
2017 Jayne Lammers Teaching & Curriculum (Warner School)
2017 Douglas Kelley Mechanical Engineering
2016 Margarita Guillory Religion & Classics
2016 Vera Tilson Simon School
2015 A. Nickolas Vamivakas The Institute of Optics
2014 Elizabeth Colantoni Religion & Classics
2014 Vasilii Petrenko Earth & Environmental Sciences
2013 Daphon D. Ho History
2012 Karen DeAngelis Educational Leadership
2011 Eleana Kim Anthropology
2010 Andrew Wall Educational Leadership
2009 Jason Middleton English
2008 April Luehmann Teaching & Curriculum
2007 Nancy Ares Teaching & Curriculum
2006 Matthew BaileyShea Music Theory
2005 Jeffrey Tucker English
2004 Curtis Signorino Political Science
2003 Wendi Heinzelman Electrical & Computer Engineering
2002 Randall Halle Modern Languages & Cultures
2001 Anne Merideth Religion & Classics
2000 Brian Brent Warner School
1999 Lynne Orr Physics & Astronomy
1998 Edna Seidmann Simon School
1997 Melanie Manion Political Science
1996 Julia B. Smith Warner School
1995 Frank Wolfs Physics & Astronomy
1994 Stephen Hutchings Modern Languages & Cultures
1993 Emil Homerin Religion & Classics
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