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Excellence in Graduate Teaching

William H. Riker University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

The Riker Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching recognizes a faculty member who has excelled in graduate instruction, particularly in the University’s doctoral programs.

The award is presented at the doctoral commencement ceremony each May.

If you have questions about the award, please contact the Office of Graduate Education

Past recipients

Explore the table below for a full list of previous William H. Riker University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching winners.

Year Recipient Department Occasion
2023 Dr. Melina Esse Musicology Commencement
2023 Dr. Sheree Toth Psychology Commencement
2022 Thomas Slaugher History Commencement
2021 Brian Brent Educational Leadership (Warner) Commencement
2020 Michael Scott Computer Science Commencement
2019 William Jones Chemistry Commencement
2018 Joanne Larson Teaching & Curriculum (Warner) Commencement
2017 Robert Westbrook History Commencement
2016 Richard Feldman Philosophy Commencement
2015 Randall Stone Political Science Commencement
2014 Eric Phizicky SMD/Biochemistry & Biophysics Commencement
2013 Govind Agrawal The Institute of Optics Commencement
2012 Robert Wason Music Theory Commencement
2011 Philippe Fauchet Electrical & Computer Engineering Commencement
2010 Richard G. Niemi Political Science Commencement
2009 Robert K. Boeckman, Jr. Chemistry Commencement
2008 Stephen Dewhurst Microbiology & Immunology, and Oncology Commencement
2007 Robert Bambara Biochemistry & Biophysics Commencement
2006 Ashok Das Physics Commencement
2005 Eby Friedman Electrical & Computer Engineering Commencement
2004 Arie Bodek Physics Commencement
2003 Gorovsky, Martin A. Biology Commencement
2002 Tanenhaus, Michael K. Brain & Cognitive Sciences Commencement
2001 Thomson, William Economics Commencement
2000 Wolf, Emil Physics & Astronomy, and Optics Commencement
1999 Powell, G. Bingham Jr. Political Science Commencement
1998 Schmitt, Madeline School of Nursing Commencement
1997 Allen, James Computer Science Commencement
1996 Watts, Ross Simon School Commencement
1995 Morris, Robert Music Theory Commencement
1994 Jones, Ronald Economics Commencement
1993 Li, James C. M. Mechanical Engineering Commencement
1992 Cowen, Emory Psychology Commencement
1992 Mandel, Leonard Physics Commencement
1991 Johnson, Jean School of Nursing Commencement
1990 Hoy, Cyrus English Commencement
1988 McKenzie, Lionel Economics Convocation – Fall
1987 Riker, William Political Science Convocation – Fall
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