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If You Have Questions

About the Services Offered by the University Health Service

Please Note: Contact or 585-275-5418 with concerns related to care and services received in Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH) or an SMH-affiliated doctor’s office.


For Full-time University of Rochester Students and Other UHS Patients:

The University Health Service (UHS) respects the right and responsibility of patients to express their concerns and grievances about the care and services they receive at UHS. Whenever possible, patient concerns about the care or services received at UHS are addressed and resolved at the point of origin or with the staff member’s supervisor or the manager of the area. Patients with concerns and/or complaints that are not resolved at their point of origin are encouraged to speak with a UHS staff member.

Our goal is to assist both patients and UHS staff by responding to patient concerns and working to resolve them. We will look into your concern and collect as much relevant information as possible. This step will include speaking with the appropriate UHS managers and the Director of UHS. You do not need to identify yourself when contacting UHS, or you may ask that you not be identified when we are gathering information related to your concern. If we feel you need to be identified for the concern to be addressed, you will be told. The decision to proceed further or not will be yours to make.

Suggestions for improving the care and services provided that are made by UHS patients are shared in UHS leadership meetings. We value our patients’ perspectives and concerns and want to identify strategies for correcting problems that impact our patients.

Contacting UHS

Patients are encouraged to contact UHS with concerns with the care or service received, with questions about UHS services, and with suggestions for improving UHS.

You can call 585-275-2679 or e-mail to ask your questions or share your concerns. You are welcome to come to the River Campus Office in the UHS Building to meet with someone in person.

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